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Here’s Why You Should Love Your Partner with All Their Flaws


Nowadays, we’re being bombarded by posts and articles on what real love should feel like. The idea that we’re supposed to feel a certain way is influencing our thoughts just because it pulls on our heartstrings. These messages keep us grounded when we’re lonely and help us look for love in its purest form. But, can we really believe them? What if all these articles on love don’t really speak the truth?

Love is unconditional and different for everyone.

People who love each other don’t have a set of conditions for the love they share. They are willing to ignore their partner’s faults and focus on the good within them. They accept their partners as they come and are not concerned with what anyone says about their relationship. That’s how it should be.

Sticking to the aforementioned articles who change the general opinion on love may make you imagine an ideal partner without flaws which you can end up projecting over your possible soulmate. However, trying to fix the flaws of your partner just isn’t right. It’s even more hypocritical because you’re flawed as well (we all are).

Instead of trying to find a perfect partner

You should stop and consider if your desire to change your partner stems from being afraid of falling in love for who they really are, and that’s wrong. This is why we all need to fall in love with our partners without trying to change them – otherwise, all relationships are doomed to fail.

Once you realize that your partner has flaws and you have them as well, you will stop pushing things and guard each other’s backs. No one is perfect, no matter how close they come to it. Trying to change your partner is a waste of time – people rarely change, so you should accept and love them for who they really are or get out of that relationship before you hurt each other.

Once you realize that there’s no point in changing your partner, you’ll learn to sacrifice your wants for the sake of the relationship, which will help both of you grow. Eventually, you will fall in love fiercely and genuinely, loving your partner will all your heart, just like real love should look like.

You’ll learn how to love your partner with all their flaws and you’ll accept that they will eventually fail. When they do, you will be there to dust them off and help them rise again. This is what true love is – supporting each other and having each other’s backs.

However, you must also know that change starts with yourself. Make the change of loving yourself and others, as we all treat other people just like we treat ourselves. So, accept yourself as you come with all your weaknesses and failings, and you’ll be able to love your partner unconditionally.