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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Waste Your Time with A Partner Who Has Mixed Feelings for You


Have you ever been in a relationship where your partner had mixed feelings about you? We’re probably all been there – they may be your whole world until you realize that they don’t share the same feelings for you. If you’re already in love with this person, learning they don’t love you back as much as you do can be devastating to your heart and soul.

It’s not like it’s easily noticed. Your partner may be there for you when you need them and cares for you deeply. You have a special bond that seems unbreakable until you learn the cold, hard truth. It may look like they love you and they might even say it, but they’re not really sure if you should be a pair for real.

They need a few more reassurances in order to enter into a relationship, but they always end up asking for another reason. The timing is wrong, they’re not ready yet or they don’t want to ruin what you have – whatever the reason, there’s definitely something standing in your way.

They will give you a million reasons why you can’t be together while telling you they love you. You hold onto that “I love you” and give them time which you’ll never get back. The truth is that you’re just wasting your time and life when you could have found someone that will love you as much as you love them. You’re worth more than this – staying in a relationship with a partner who has mixed feelings will never work.

It’s not about giving them time to decide. We all need a moment sometimes just so things can become crystal clear, especially for relationships. However, allowing your partner to put you on the bench while you’re waiting on them to announce their decision is embarrassing for yourself. You don’t deserve this – you can do better than that and can find a man who’ll love you more than the world.

In this case, you should walk out the door and go on with your life. There’s someone waiting for you with open arms, someone who’ll really care about you and not see you as a burden. Someone who won’t waste time to fall in love with you and someone who’s not afraid of commitment. You need someone who doesn’t have mixed feelings for you.

Don’t wait on a guy who’s clearly not sure if he wants to have a future with you. It’s a painful experience that will hurt you bad and leave a scar on your soul. If your partner is second-guessing his commitment to you, get out of the relationship before it’s too late. Because you deserve someone better who won’t waste your time and will love you for who you are.