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Here’s Why You’ll Regret Losing the Woman Who Waited for You to Get Your S*** Together


Women are truly special – they complete guys and give them a reason to live. Women improve men’s lives on so many levels that treating them bad is shameful and quite frankly insulting. Hollywood displays women in a negative light when they portray them as dummies who will wait for their man to figure out what they want in life for years. Some men really want this and women do give chances, but the truth is that their patience can wear thin after a while.

Even worse, she will wait and wait for you for quite a long time, but when she decides she’s had too much of your s***, you will never get her back. And if she was worth it, you’ll be banging your head to the wall. You see, women give many chances – some men get even more than they deserve.

Women love the potential they see in someone and believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. They really believe that no matter how bad a man is, he can truly change. If you do change on time, everything will be great, but if you’re not planning to, you’re going to be sorry when she’s done with you.

Once the woman you love leaves out the door and starts enjoying her own life, you will regret it. She’ll eventually realize that there’s no point wasting her time and energy on you when she could be out there having the time of her life.

Be With Someone Who Truly Loves Her And Doesn’t Treat Her Bad

You know, doing things she couldn’t have done with you, and it’s all your fault. Trust us – this will hurt when you realize what you’ve lost.

Yeah, you can be all macho and feed your ego by saying that she was never the woman for you and blaming her for leaving. However, no one should be expected to deal with your crap. The truth is that you’ve overstepped all lines and imprisoned her with you while you were figuring out what to do in life.

By leaving you, she’s showing that she’s all too mature for you and that you’ve hit the lowest point of your life. She believed in you and gave you a hand, and you destroyed it all. You’ll meet other women, sure, but no one will be as good as her.

You’ll eventually realize what you had in your life and kick yourself for allowing her to leave. It’s up to you to decide if you should let her go – if you don’t change on time, you’ll have a lot to cry on later.