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How To Strengthen The Relationship With Your Child With The Help Of These 10 Habits?


It is very important for a parent to be close to their child. Having a strong and healthy relationship is something very sacred. Love has to exist between both sides of this relationship. The most important thing is to have a positive connection. This means that everything will go in a good direction. There will be trust, understanding and not screaming or fighting.

Today, we’re presenting you 10 of the best ways that could help you have a stronger and healthier relationship between you and your child!

1. Physical contact

It’s very important to have a physical connection with your child whether it’s a hug, a touch on the child’s back or hair etc. Even a smile or eye contact are considered to be good. Do this often, throughout the whole day, but the most important thing is to do it when they get up in the morning or when they go to bed at night.  

2. Play with your child

When you play with your child, you help him/her focus on your connection, too. It will calm them down, but also make them laugh because they’ll have fun. You can also include playing in the way you want to make them eat or do something, They’ll cooperate for sure.

3. Devices need to be turned off

When you are a person who needs their phone, but you turn it off whenever you’re with your child, it shows great importance to them. Spending some quality time with your child can also be helped by turning off any TV, radio or computer because then you’ll be able to connect more and focus on each other.

4. In case of a transition period, support them

When this is the case, your child just wants to have a different activity or else, try to connect with them by a gentle touch on the head, saying funny things, just trying to cheer them up. It would be better for them to accept it.

5. You need to have time only for you two

You need to have at least 15 minutes in one day for 1 child. Prepare some ideas, plans, games, make them have fun. Do a variety of activities and don’t forget to show the love you feel towards them.

6. Emotions are good

No matter what your child is trying to say to you and whether he/she cries or laughs or is maybe angry, it will produce an emotion that you’ll have to help and help them understand more easily. Try to explain to them so that they could understand. In this way, they’ll be very close to you and they will definitely feel more comfortable.

7. Listening is very important

You have to listen and be interested in what your child is trying to tell you. You may find out a lot about their actions or their way of thinking only by listening carefully. You’ll also be able to help them in an appropriate way.

8. Treasure every minute

Every minute you spend with your child is very important. Enjoy those moments, whether you’re preparing for bed, playing, washing some fruit, baking together etc. Try to make everything interesting while you’re constantly showing love. Let it be a fun way of having a great time while you’re showing their importance and bonding.

9. Bond before bedtime

Try telling your child to go to bed earlier so that you could spend more time bonding. Snuggle with them, read a story r just listen to their story. In that, way you’ll have a deeper and greater relationship that will be full of feelings and good thoughts. It is also a period of the day when a child is more likely to confess any problem, so pay attention and make sure you understand the feelings the child is showing to you.

10. Be present…always

Try to be present to anything your child attends as much as you can. Childhood passes fast. Whether it is a play, a sports game or anything else, try to make time because that will be very important for your child. Your bond will become priceless, but also strong, happy and healthy!