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I’d Rather Be Single Than Be In A Relationship That Makes Me Feel Alone.


We all know girls who prefer being single, although the majority can’t go even a day without calling or at least seeing someone they care about. Most people feel distraught when they’re alone which is why relationships are one of their ultimate goals in life. In this way, they know they’ll never be alone anymore – they’ll always have someone to talk with when bored or when they need to. However, this also pushes them into relationships with the wrong people, and this happens far too often. The fear of being alone makes them overlook the flaws of their partner which can have catastrophic consequences later.

This is why being single until you meet the right person is nothing to be afraid of. It will give you the ability to select carefully and pick the partner who suits you most.

Here are 4 other reasons why being single is better than being in a relationship with the wrong person:

They Will Never Understand You

Being able to understand each other is a huge part of any relationship. However, the wrong partner wouldn’t be able to understand you, belittling you any chance they get and making your life a living hell. Over time, this can lead to a host of problems, which is why you’re better off alone than entering a relationship just to avoid being alone.

They Won’t Let You Be Yourself

You can only be yourself when you’re single or if you’re into a relationship with a partner who fully understands who you are. If you’re in a relationship with a wrong person, you will never be able to act like your true self. Due to this, it’s much better to stay single until you meet Prince Charming instead of being with a person who will force you to change and become something you don’t like.

They Are Never Good Company

When you’re with your loved one, you will surely enjoy each other’s company. You’ll feel happy and secure and will never think twice about doing anything other than simply chilling or just talking each other’s ears off until you go to bed. On the other hand, if you’re in a relationship with the wrong person, you’ll recognize it by the fact that they’re not exactly great company. You’ll never feel good around them and they might even be unkind as well. They won’t laugh at your jokes nor make you laugh. Would you prefer this over being single and enjoying your own company? We don’t think so.

They Might Hurt You

It goes without saying that a meaningful relationship should never be painful, but if you end up with the wrong guy, you will be hurt sooner or later. This isn’t something you’ll experience when single, which is why it’s better to wait for the right guy to appear in your life rather than dating an idiot.

Being single has its own advantages and disadvantages, but it should never be frightening. If you jump into a relationship just because you’re afraid of being single, you can end up with a person that will destroy you and leave you mentally scarred for life. So, instead of making this mistake, learn how to enjoy your own company and you’ll see that it’s not bad at all.