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If He Really Loves You, He’ll Do These 6 Things


As we all know, men don’t really know how to express their emotions. Most men are raised to have a hard shell on the outside and never let emotions run free – this allows them to protect their loved ones whenever they’re hurt.

And, although vulnerability isn’t something they really understand, they can open up their soul if they trust someone. When men are in love, they will show their love through actions.

Here are some things only men in love do:

He Values Your Opinion

If your guy truly cares about your opinion and what you say is important to him, he is head over heels in you. Men rarely trust people who they don’t know or love, so when he asks your opinion on anything, you should know that he’s fallen in love with you.

He’ll Support You

A man who truly loves you and cares about you will be your biggest cheerleader. He will support you when you’re chasing your dreams and be your biggest fan because your success is his success as well.

He’ll Always Protect You

It goes without saying that your man will put his life on the line just so you could live. He will protect you from any danger, mend your scars, and help cheer you up. A man who truly loves you will shield you from physical and emotional pain as well.

He Knows and Feels Your Pain

If you’re hurt, he’ll be hurt as well. A guy who really loves you feels your pain in his bones. He’s connected to you on a deep level and he’ll do anything he can to make the pain go away.

He’ll Drop Anything to Help You

A man who truly cares about you will stop anything he’s doing and rush back to you if you ever need him to. Nothing is more important than you – you’re his true love and he’ll always be there for you.

He Accepts You as You Are

If your guy doesn’t respect you for who you are, he may not be that into you. A man in love will accept you as you are and love you for it. He won’t care how you look and will love your virtues and flaws equally.