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If You Feel Like Giving Up, Take A Look At The Story Of The Bamboo And The Fern!


We face different challenges and problems in our life with every day that passes. There are also many bad surprises which cause different emotions that can ruin our moments causing depression and bad vibrations.

Plenty of challenges pass through our lives with every day. Still, we have to make sure that even though some of them are bad and stressful, we shouldn’t let them overcome us and ruin our life.

Today, we’re going to present you a story that will tell you that you should never quit or give up.

It’s a story about a man who was fed up with his life so he decided to take a stroll in the woods to talk to God. He was very disappointed of his life, so he started talking to God. He asked for a good reason that will help him not to give up on everything.

Then, God addressed him and told him to look for the fern and the bamboo nearby.

He decided to tell him how he created them. He planted both of them and took great care. They always had food, water and a lot of sunlight. They were protected from storms. The fern grew first. It covered all of the forest very fast, but the bamboo seed didn’t offer anything. Still, God never even thought on quitting.

Year 2 passed. The fern grew even more, but not the bamboo. Two more years passed and there was still nothing from the bamboo.

It was during the fifth year that the bamboo started growing. It was notably smaller than the fern, but it didn’t stop growing. In a period of 6 months, it became 100 feet high. The roots grew for 5 years and they were extremely strong. God told the man that he always made creations which could handle any challenge.

He compared the bamboo with the man. He told him that the times which were hard were actually times when he fought different struggles which helped him grow as a person and made him stronger. No matter what someone looks like, you should never make comparisons. Everyone has their own purpose, journey etc. The bamboo and the fern both had very different purposes. In the end, God told him never to give up if he wants to rise very high.

The man had one last question about the height he would reach. God answered to him that his height will be as much as he desires. That is how the man came to a conclusion that no matter how hard life is, giving up is not a part of it. We have to fight and be strong individuals.

We have to realize that it’s important to be persistent even if something is indeed challenging, painful or hard. The result you acquire will amaze you.

You just have to understand that you need hard times in order to strengthen and shape your own character. God won’t leave you. He will give you all the strength you need and all the ability you need so that you could pass every difficulty. You might be disappointed during the process and even feel discouraged, but you must believe in every dream, aim and goal. Giving up isn’t something that you should do. Remember this story whenever you have a similar situation in your life.