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If You Want to Disarm Rude People, Try These Polite Phrases


Rudeness is so common nowadays that we see it anywhere around us. It’s not always coming from rude people in general – it can also come from people you never expect to be rude. Whenever we’re confronted with rudeness, most of us feel an inexplicable urge to just be rude back. However, this means you’re losing the battle and letting rudeness triumph.

Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can escape being hurtful and stand up for yourself when people are rude to you.

Here are a few polite phrases that will disarm rude people:

‘What Do You Expect Me to Say?’

Talk about turning the pressure up! This simple and polite phrase will make the rude persons question themselves about what they’ve said. What did they expect? To embarrass you? Make you angry? Saying the phrase will really disarm them and they won’t be sure how to react. It’s a great way of turning the tables and relieving the pressure down.


People are often rude just because they want to provoke you. You know how you can make them go mad? Just say ‘Thanks!’ In this way, you’ll acknowledge their rude comment while making it clear it doesn’t get to you. Now, it may be hard in the beginning to be polite when people are being rude to you, but you’ll eventually get the hang of it.

‘Why Are You Always Negative?’

If someone’s often rude to you, a great way of getting back at them in a polite way is asking why they are so negative all the time. Rudeness is a reflection of self-directed attitude, so instead of being the victim, you should crank the pressure up and turn the focus back on them. You’ll then see how they avoid you in the future.

‘What Makes You Say That?’

Displaying empathy to a rude person is a great way of calming things down and making them question their choices. In this way, you’re essentially validating their feelings or opinions but not rolling with the punches at the same time. This should shut them up easily and make them realize they need to turn their hostility down, whatever the reason.

‘We’ll Talk Later’

Reacting emotionally strong to a rude person isn’t anything to be ashamed of. Letting those emotions overpower you, however, is something that should make you ashamed. If you can’t just snap back at them, take a step back. Tell them you’ll talk later or tomorrow when the heat settles down. This will prevent you from saying something you don’t mean and let them think about what they’ve said in silence. This way, there are big chances you’re getting an apology (like you should) later.