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If Your Ex Wants To Stay Friends With You, They’re Probably A Psychopath, Science Says


Our life will be filled with different types of relationships. But, have you had a situation when you’ve had a breakup which wasn’t especially nice and your ex asked you to remain friends. This was something that was psychologically researched and the results were really disturbing.

There was a study performed at the Oakland University where researchers discovered a connection between someone who wants to be in a contact with their ex and narcissism as well as psychopathy.It sounds pretty disturbing, but it really turns out that in case you have an ex who wants to stay friends with you, he is probably a psycho or a narcissist!

The real reason these people want to be connected to you is use you in a way or manipulate with you. It most certainly isn’t about love. It can only be about some information, sex or money.Narcissistic people love winning. Breaking up a relationship would mean that they are losers. Having you close would mean that they still haven’t lost anything.

People who are psychos and narcissistic people think that they can’t allow it for their ex to be a part of their relationship that will include another partner. All they want is control. Your life is something they really want. They’re willing to do anything, even beg you, persuade you and be sweet all the time, only to keep you around, even as a friend. They will find their own way for manipulation.

Always be careful when you’re about to exit a relationship that was either bad or ended badly.It isn’t easy to end an emotional relationship, but it certainly also isn’t easy to keep the friendship afterwards and this would certainly be because of some hidden motives.

Your ex-partner doesn’t think whether you’re happy or whether you are willing to keep that relationship like that. This especially refers who people who were a part of a relationship that wasn’t healthy and happy and the breakup was really bad.  

Still, this isn’t true for all ex-partners. There are people who will get on well with their ex. The friendship wouldn’t be so close, but it will exist.

In case you think that staying friends with your ex won’t work for you, try to protect yourself in a way. Create boundaries and be at a distance most of the time. This will give you the proper time and stimulus so that you could go on without them and avoid whatever they are planning to do.