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I’m Not A Person Who Gives Up Easily, But If I Decide To Walk Away Consider Me Gone


Many girls get attached to a guy too quickly. They have a soft heart and are great lovers, but they choose to believe their heart over their mind, which is a blessing and a curse for them. These passionate girls often rush into a relationship with the wrong person who leaves them as soon as he meets another girl.

Girls who get easily attached have serious problems letting go of people and dealing with breakups. They overanalyze stuff and give everyone the benefit of the doubt, which means they hand out second and third chances like free candy. Of course, they often get hurt because of it and end up suffering more than anyone else.

In general, girls who get attached too quickly are fighters who never give up. They will fight for those they love deeply and try to save their relationship no matter the odds. The only problem is that sometimes the relationship is simply not worth fighting for. When these girls decide to cut someone from their life, there’s probably a big reason for it.

As we said, they’re fighters who are ready to do anything to save their relationship and will probably get over most things provided their partner admits the mistake and apologizes. They just want to be loved – as soon as they realize their partner doesn’t love them back, they will definitely leave.

Trust us – when a girl who’s overly attached leaves the door, there’s nothing you or anyone can do to bring her back. These girls have a big heart and a forgiving soul, but they do have some boundaries you shouldn’t cross. Once you do, they’ll be out of your life for good, and it’ll be too late to bring them back once you realize what you’ve lost.

Guilt-Tripping Them Is Even Worse

They never wanted to be hurt. This one’s on you – they never wanted the relationship to end, but you had to go and make things worse. They’re willing to resolve any situation in a civil manner, but you left them no choice. They deserve so much more than being treated like trash. They won’t allow someone who they loved with all their heart and soul to run them to the ground. The last thing they want to do is leave someone they care about, but it’s necessary and unavoidable sometimes.

From this point on, they will be more selective about who they let in their heart. Once you hurt them, they will leave for good, and you’ll be left scratching your head wondering if she was the one that got away.