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Italian Gymnast Wins The Hearts of Millions of Fans Around The World, Even If The Judges Don’t Think She’s Worth Gold


If you follow lesser-known sports, you probably have an idea what rhythmic gymnasts are. For those of you who don’t, rhythmic gymnastics is a sport for individuals or groups who manipulate 1 or 2 pieces of apparatus while dancing – hoop, clubs, ball, rope or ribbon. The sport combines dancing, gymnastics, and ballet while manipulating the previously mentioned apparatus.

The winning participants are decided by judges who hand out points for their performance, paying special attention to their form, balance, leaps, pivots, and overall execution. It’s a pretty demanding sport which requires top strength, flexibility, agility, power, dexterity, and a lot of skill. Yes, it’s just as hard as it sounds like, but for Alexandra Ana Maria Agiurgiuculese, it’s nothing.

The Italian rhythmic gymnast has won a number of medals in her career. She’s a 3-time Italian Junior National Champion, has a bronze medal from the 2018 World Championships and has also won he fair share of silver medals as well. Agiurgiuculese was born in 2001 in Romania but represents Italy.

No matter if you like rhythmic gymnastics or not, you have to agree that it’s a demanding and graceful sport. For Agiurgiuculese, it’s second nature. She moves on the podium like it’s nothing, and her latest performance left the world in awe. Even though she only managed to get the bronze medal, she is the winner in the eyes of millions of people around the world.

Check the video out to see why:

Alexandra Agiurgiuculese – Bronze Medal Ball Final – World Championships 2018 Sofia

Per chi non lo avesse visto, ecco l'esercizio di Alexandra Agiurgiuculese che le è valso il bronzo mondiale alla palla #rgsofia2018 [Staff]

Posted by Alexandra Agiurgiuculese on Tuesday, September 11, 2018

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