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Learn These 8 Harsh Realities of Life and You’ll Be A Stronger Person


Let’s all face the truth – life is not easy. There is no friendly life advice which can make things easier. However, the sooner you learn the harsh realities of life, you can toughen up and get your s*** together.

Here are the 8 most common harsh realities of life that will make you stronger:

Fix Yourself

It’s not anyone’s job to fix you – in fact, you need to do everything yourself and the sooner you realize it, the better your life will be. If there’s something missing in your life, go on a quest to find it. Feeling blue? Get up from that chair and go do something that improves your mood. Just figure out what suits you best and go grab it with both hands. No one’s gonna do the work for you.

Nothing’s Ideal

‘I should lose weight before starting dating’.

‘Starting a business in this economy?! It’s too risky’.

‘Now’s not the time to have children’.

All three sentences are nothing more than EXCUSES! Nothing is perfect and if you keep waiting for the right time to do something, the chance is going to pass. Before you know it, you’ll be old, regretting the things you didn’t try. If you want something, go out and grab it yourself!

You Will Fail. A Lot.

The sooner you realize that you’re going to fail at something at some point of your life, the better. There’s nothing to be ashamed off – just dust yourself up and get on your feet. Getting up is the most important thing with failing – you will make terrible decisions in life, fall in love with the worst person and regret your mistakes. However, you shouldn’t stop living just because you made a mistake – it’s completely normal.

You Can’t Rely on Friends the Whole Time

Friends are important and that’s a fact. However, they can’t get you out of trouble forever. We just can’t rely on our friends for everything. This is why it’s important to learn how to be independent. You should manage your own time, learn how to cook and drive and learn new things every day.

Being Busy Isn’t the Same as Being Productive

Some people like to keep themselves busy just because they think it makes them productive. It may look that way from another person’s point of view, but if you look closely, you’ll see that they are focused on stressing over how much work is ahead of them, not about completing the task.

This is why you should learn to work smarter, not harder. Make a list of the things you need to do, put the important tasks on top, turn off your smartphone and get things done.

No, You Can’t Change the Past

Living in the past and regretting all the bad choices you’ve done can make your life a living hell. No matter what you do, you can’t change the past unless we invent a fully working time machine. Don’t spend time wallowing in your mistakes – instead, focus on your future.

Accept Challenges

Challenges are what will drive you forward in life, so accept them with an open mind. This will test your physical and mental boundaries, but you will come out stronger on the other side.

Lower Your Expectations

This one’s highly important. Many people feel miserable just because they’ve set too high expectations in some cases. Your phone is bound to go silent at some point. Your friends won’t always have the time to hang out. People won’t be there when you fail. Just get used to it and lower your expectations – it’ll do you much good.