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Love Is In The Air – These Daredevils Got Married Literally Over the Moab Canyon!


Adrenaline junkies are ready to do anything to get that rush coursing through their bodies. And yes, that includes doing daring things no one else in their right mind would do. It can be jumping off a cliff, deep cave diving, spelunking or jumping with a parachute – anything that would freeze our blood if we’re being honest.

If there was a qualifying test for adrenaline junkies, this couple passed it with flying colors. Ryan Jenks and Kimberly Weglin share a passion for slacklining. If you’re not really sure what slacklining is, bear with us. This dangerous act involves walking and balancing yourself on a wire tensioned between two anchors.

Yes, like the acrobats that walk between buildings which send shivers down your spine when you’re watching them on videos. Ryan and Kimberly love slacklining so much that they’ve decided to get married while being suspended over the Moab Canyon!

The couple are proud owners of the Slackademics, which is a website for high line art and slacklining. As such passionate lovers of this delicate ‘art’, it seems so fitting that Ryan and Kimberly decided to marry literally over the Moab Canyon. Taking it a step further, the married at the same time when the slacklining festival GGBY was being held in November 2017.

The pics were taken The Hearnes, a special adventure photography team and their best man Andy Lewis created the colorful net that was suspended over the Moan Canyon.

The couple was suspended 400 feet in the air while sharing their vows while their friends and colleagues did amazing jobs such as walking on wires around them. It was really a day to remember.

Ryan and Kimberly know a thing or two about extreme sports – their flower girls were BASE jumpers who released thousands of rose petals while jumping from the surrounding cliffs! It was a really unique wedding and judging by the photos, really beautiful as well.

Everyone had a great time at the wedding and Ryan and Kimberly were happy to be able to do it their way. “It was fun to shape a traditional ceremony into something that is so ‘us’,” Kimberly says. She’s certainly a much braver person than us – simply looking at the pictures is making us a bit dizzy! Other than that, it looks like everyone had fun, and the bride and groom were obviously over the moon with their choice.