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Most Single Women Are Fed Up with On and Off Relationships – They Just Need Someone Who’ll Be There for Them!


No woman is asking too much when she wishes for a guy who just needs to be there for her. It’s a tiring task and can drain a girl’s energy. Not being there for her and leaving when she needs you by her side is just plain disrespectful to her as a person.

Women want and need someone who will be there all the time, not just show up when they need something. They need a man who will be with them through thick and thin and someone who knows how to listen. They need a man without the idiotic macho attitude.

Dating and short-lived adventures are great, but there comes a time in a woman’s life when she can’t put up with all the bull**** anymore. Women need someone who will have their backs and a partner who will rather spend the day with them shopping instead of being out with his friends.

They need someone who will make them laugh and someone who’ll make all their wishes come true. They want a man who’ll lay beside them in the morning and someone who’ll help with lunch because he wants to.

Life isn’t unicorns and rainbows. Sometimes, it can get really dark and that’s the time when women need support the most. Sadly, many men can act like idiots in these situations and leave when their women need them the most.

It’s easy to laugh and smile when everything’s going great, but being there for her when the going gets tough is a real challenge. Women need someone who’ll take care of them when they’re in a bad place and someone who’ll cuddle without asking too many questions.

Women stay single because they want the real deal. Don’t believe what the media says – most women are so not into internet dating and simply avoid going out because they know the playing field is full or morons.

They need someone who’ll make them feel beautiful again and someone who’ll make them a priority. After numerous one-night stands and lukewarm relationships, they are not in the mood to fool around. They just need a man who will f*cking show up and just love them – is that asking too much?