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Only Men Who Truly Love You Behave This Way


Love can be quite confusing for women since both genders express it differently. While women are generally more sensitive and loving, men are emotionally closed off and mysterious. Men can often send the wrong signals in the relationship, acting all nice one day and like a complete idiot in another. This doesn’t mean they’re monsters – they are just human and emotions can get the best of them. That doesn’t mean they don’t love you – men express love through acts and commitment, not words.

Men demonstrate love with a variety of small or big acts and behaviors.

If you’re confused whether your man really loves you, paying attention to these behaviors can help:

He’s Not Afraid to Make a Sacrifice

Personal sacrifices are the ultimate sacrifice a man can do for love. As a matter of fact, men will feel very bad if the woman of their life is not happy – they see it as a personal failure and will do anything it takes to make things right.

When a man notices his better half is unhappy, he’ll step out of his comfort zone and change his plans to accommodate her. It’s one of the main behaviors only a man who’s truly in love shows.

He Listens

In general, men don’t like listening to women talk all day long. In fact, most just drift away when their partner starts talking and couldn’t repeat a sentence of what they just said. With that being said, men who are truly in love will listen to their woman and respond to what she’s saying. This skill is called active listening and is a major sign that a man’s in love.

He Compliments Your Look, Even on Your Bad Days

We all have days when we’re not looking at our best. Either our hair is out of control or those damn undereye bags make us look 20 years older. This is always a problem, for single women and those in a relationship as well.

Women in a comfortable relationship lack the need to impress with their looks after a while. They sit half the day in pajamas, don’t pay attention to their hair so much anymore and keep the stained shirts on. If your man still compliments you when you look at your worst, you can bet that you’ve found the prince of your dreams.

He’s Not Afraid to Show His Emotional Side

Men are not really open to showing their vulnerabilities to anyone as it can be seen as a sign of weakness. However, they can strip their soul bare in front of the woman they truly love. If your man does this, you can bet he’s the one.

He Fights for You

Fighting for fair ladies is a life goal of gallant and charming men. Whenever a woman is harassed by others, he will come to her defense and fight for her. Although we don’t in any way propose fighting, a man who fights for you is also a man who’s madly in love with you.

He Fights WITH You

If a man is just as emotionally invested in a relationship as you are, he will fight to avoid losing you. Of course, not physically. A man who’s in love will fight for the woman he loves and fight with her over things that pose a threat to their relationship. In this way, he demonstrates his commitment, which is a clear sign that they’re head over heels with the woman they’re with.

He’s Proud of You

When a man loves a woman (sorry for sticking the Percy Sledge song into your brain for the next hour or two), he will be proud to have her by his side. He will be proud of her achievements and will never let her efforts go unnoticed.

He Treats Your Close Family and Friends with Respect

It goes without saying that if your man respects and loves you, he’ll treat anyone you care for truly with respect. He does this because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings and will never disrespect your family or friends. Even if they’re not too fond of some family member, they’ll stay quiet just because they don’t want to upset you.

If you were ever in doubt whether your man really loves you, now you can tell for sure. Only men who are truly in love will behave in this way – if your man behaves like this, you can relax. You’ll finally learn what true love fells like.