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Only Real Gentlemen Do These 12 Things


You know what a real gentleman is, right? A gentleman is a man of good and courteous conduct. The gentleman idea grew out of knighthood traditions during one of the most difficult periods in history. And, while knighthood and honor have been absent from society for a long time, the idea of a gentleman still lingers around.

There’s a parallel that can be drawn between knights and gentlemen – they both protect the weak, they’re both merciful and always speak the truth while being especially courteous to women. There are more than a few things a gentleman does differently than the regular guy.

Here are 12 behaviors of a true gentleman:

They’re Always on Time

A true gentleman will never be late – they find it vulgar and a waste of time. They always show up on time and will never be late unless they have a good reason for it.

They Hold the Door for Ladies

A true gentleman will open up doors for women and hold it so they can enter. It’s a courteous thing to do, although we see it less and less in today’s society.

They Offer Their Jacket

When a gentleman is out with a woman in cold weather, he will insist she takes his jacket just so she’s comfortable.

They Offer Their Seat

A real gentleman will always offer his seat to women, no matter if it’s on the bus or a subway/park bench. He’ll always sacrifice his personal comfort, even for a short commute.

They’re Never Rude

True gentlemen are never rude – they will be polite and take the high road in every situation. This shows that they are empathetic of others and respect all people, even if they’re rude to them.

They Pick Up the Check

A real gentleman will never let you pay the bill or offer to split it. He will pick the check up instead or at least put up a fight before the solution presents itself. Plus, he’ll never expect something in return even if he ends up paying the bill.

They Keep Their Word

Gentlemen will never speak empty words. They stand by what they said and will keep their word no matter what.

They Know How to Keep a Secret

A real gentleman will never spill the beans. These people know how to keep a secret when he’s told something in confidence.

They Don’t Kiss and Tell

Gentlemen keep private things to themselves, just like everyone should. No one needs to know how your partner looks without clothes or how good they are in bed – that’s not classy.

They Are Honest

A real gentleman will tell the truth even if it hurts him. They are trustworthy and honest no matter the consequences.

They Have Perfect Table Manners

Gentlemen have proper table manners and never act like barbarians. They always use silverware at a restaurant and put a napkin on their lap. This is one of the major signs of class and refinement and how to recognize a real gentleman.

They Offer Their Arm

Whenever a gentleman is out with a lady, they will offer their arm as support when walking. It’s a tiny, but classy gesture only real gentlemen possess.