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Pay Attention to These Signs – They Will Show You That You’re Hotter Than You Think!


Were you hot in high school? A lot of teenagers don’t consider themselves hot due to being too tall, too short, chubby or having freckles. Girls in high school will do anything to become hot, subjecting themselves to rigorous diets or other methods that will make them more attractive. The truth is, however, that most of you are hotter than you think – after you’re done with high school, you’ll have a different opinion on yourselves.

Many teenage girls are hot without even realizing it. Everyone’s beautiful in their own way – it may sound corny, but it’s true. If you don’t think you’re hot, these signs will help you realize that you are:

You’re Not Getting a Lot of Compliments

If your peers don’t give you a lot of compliments, it’s probably because they assume you know you’re hot. This can also be a bit problematic, as not being on the receiving end of compliments makes girls think they’re not hot at all.

Everyone Checks You Out When You Walk By

If you’re stealing looks from boys whenever you walk by them, trust us – your presence is too hot to ignore. Their heads turn because you’re much more attractive than you really think you are, so congratulations – you’re “hot”.

People Are Shocked When You Tell Them You’re Insecure About Some Physical Part

If people are shocked when you talk about your physical insecurities, it’s a major sign that they see you as hot.

You Get Off-Hand Compliments

Hot girls get a lot of casual compliments such as “You get that a lot since you’re ______”, Finish the sentence by yourself – if you get complimented in this way a lot, you’re hotter than you think.

A Few Months Without A Relationship Is Too Much for You

Have you noticed that you can’t go for more than a few months without a relationship? And you think it’s normal that you change partners often? If this isn’t an indication of your hotness, we don’t know what is.

Men Stare at You on A Night Out

If men are mesmerized by you doing nothing but sipping your drink on a night out, you’re way hotter than you think.