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Positive Attitude Cheat Sheet!


Our attitude is much more important for our life than most people think. In fact, a positive attitude will lead to positive thoughts and bring you positive results. It’s a happy cycle that will help you keep your life in order.

However, staying positive is not that easy, as there are challenges every day. Luckily for you, there’s a great ‘cheat sheet’ which can help you get back on track when it feels like all your ships have sailed.

Here are 12 simple habits that will keep you happy and bring some positive attitude in your life:


  • If you’re often angry, you should first learn why. Once you do, you’ll know which direction you can go into. Plan a few steps ahead and start saying nice things instead of being mad all the time.
  • Once you finish the first step, you need to choose love. Love is the great conqueror that can defeat anything, so stick to it instead of angry thoughts. Finally, whenever you’re in a tense situation, choose to laugh instead of going angry – it will help you keep a positive attitude.


  • Sadness can really take a toll on our mental and even physical health. However, it can be defeated if you find gratitude in your heart. Gratitude will help you feel better about yourself – if you can’t find anything to be grateful about, be grateful for your life.
  • Avoid the blame game in order to avoid sadness. It’s not anyone’s fault that you’ve overreacted. What you’re saying and thinking about others, you’re saying and thinking about yourself, so there’s really no one to blame. After you learn that the problem is in you, choose to laugh and be happy instead of feeling sad.


  • Worrying is not going to bring anything good in your life. This is why you need to stay in control – the finish line may be just around the corner, so you’ve got this!
  • Embracing the adversity will also help – just believe in yourself and all your abilities and welcome the challenges you come your way – this will help you keep a positive attitude and stop worrying so much.


  • To eliminate stress and its effects on your life, you need to stop thinking in black and white. Positive thoughts involve a lot of thinking in the gray area – have this in mind when you’re trying to relax.
  • Staying around positive people and energy will help you deal with stress – this is a crucial step which can lessen the effect of stress on your body and mind and keep you positive. You should also know that the source of positive power is bigger than any problem. Don’t drink your problems away – just face them head on with a positive attitude and everything will be all right.


  • Remorse can gnaw back on your mind and prevent you from thinking positive thoughts. In order to eliminate it, forgive the person who hurt you – it will do you a lot of good.
  • Write down your feelings – whenever you’re feeling remorseful paper can help. Studies have shown that writing down the things that make you feel bad can help release all the negative energy and open your mind to positive thoughts.


  • Exercising is a good way of fighting fatigue. Besides flooding your body with endorphins, exercise has a positive effect on your mental wellbeing as well, so make sure to stay physically active every day.
  • To eliminate fatigue, you’ll also need to adjust your diet. Avoid consuming processed food and base your diet on plants and raw food and you should feel and look much better in just a short time.