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Prevent Overthinking With The Help Of These 7 Tips!


Our mind is a really complex matter. Sometimes, when something bothers us, we think about that for a long time. This is what overthinking represents and we often end up mentally exhausted, stressed and with a poor judgment.

Thinking about something is important, but this kind of overthinking can lead to what is called “analysis paralysis” which actually presents what dangers could be overthinking cause. As we have already mentioned, overthinking causes a great deal of stress, so our body releases stress hormones called cortisol and epinephrine. This is what makes us unable to think very good.

When people tend to think too much it can destroy their lives. That causes frustration, lack of power, but also different mental problems like depression or anxiety. What we should do in order to help somebody or ourselves is to use the 7 different approaches that are going to help you prevent overthinking.

1. Self-awareness Is Key

Being self-aware about something is really the key. No matter when you start feeling negative thoughts coming your way, you become irritated or stressed, try to eliminate them and stop them from flowing.

2. Distraction

Negative thoughts appear suddenly, but they can be controlled. Whenever you see them coming and start feeling stressed, try to do something that will distract you, like call someone, read a book, go for a walk, play a game, exercise etc.

3. Your Thoughts Shouldn’t Be Suppressed

You should never do this! It won’t do you any good. You can’t stop thoughts from appearing. Just try not to feel stressed.

4. Observation Is Also Important

You have to learn how to observe your thoughts. Focus your attention on them, are they good or bad? No matter what you discover, you should then go back to breathing and doing what you did before. In this way, you’re just observing, you aren’t suppressing your thoughts.  

5. Remind Yourself If You Need To

We know that it isn’t easy to stop overthinking, but it can be changed. You can make several reminders on your calendar at home or at work and even on the phone. Repeating the phrases that motivate you will help you learn them and your mind is soon going to use them every day.

6. No One Is Perfect! Remember That

Being perfect is impossible. There are people who consider themselves as perfectionists, but their level of stress is really increased, their expectations are unreal and they really find it difficult to enjoy anything. In case you are a perfectionist, try not to think that much of the result. Enjoy the complete process.  

7. You Should Try Doing Mindfulness Meditation

We have already said that you can’t just stop this habit of overthinking that easily, but you can do something to change it. You can go after any anxiety or stress with the help of mindfulness meditation. It helps you stay in the present and what’s the most important, you focus on the way you breathe.  

Nowadays, there are different smartphone apps you can download freely. Your starting session should take up to 10 minutes and then you can start increasing it gradually.

Don’t forget that patience is what it’s really about here. It will be difficult and it will take time, but you’ll make it. It’s important what’s going on now and today. Leave the past in the past and the future will certainly come, even if you don’t worry about it all the time!