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Schools Are Replacing Detention and Suspension with a Revolutionary Method and the Results Are Amazing!


Detention is a common technique used by schools to reprimand misbehaving students. Students are first given detention – if the situation doesn’t improve, it can lead to a suspension. And, although both techniques have been the golden standard for many years, it doesn’t mean they are the best solution.

As detention and suspension give mixed results, science has been trying to find a new way of making misbehaving students calm down. Most teachers would never even think about penalizing these students with meditation, but that’s exactly what the teachers at Robert W. Coleman Elementary School in Baltimore do. It may have sounded silly when they proposed it, but the results are amazing!

After one year of meditation as a disciplinary measure for disruptive students, there hasn’t been one student even near detention or suspension. The school has now decided to fully replace the old methods with meditation and hope that others will follow suit.

Whenever Students Misbehave

They are sent to the Mindful Moment Room for breathing exercises and yoga and it works like a charm. Afterward, the disruptive students spend some time talking to a staff member, reflecting on the mistakes they made and learning how to improve their behavior.

The neighboring school of Patterson Park School has adopted the same technique, also seeing a drop in the suspension rate and an increase in attendance as well. We really hope that this story will be spread to all corners of the world and inspires schools to replace suspension with meditation. It has a much more positive effect on children and can potentially prevent behavioral problems in the future.

What Can We Learn from This?

Mindful meditation isn’t anything new – in fact, it has been around for millennia. It was ignored by science for a long time, however, with studies examining its effects on our overall wellbeing being conducted only recently.

For Example

One American study showed that mindful meditation can help soldiers build a kind of ‘mental armor’ against their disruptive thoughts. The technique can also improve our memory and a child’s focus and attention span. Of course, there’s need for more research on the matter, but thanks to the adoption of mindful meditation as a replacement for suspension in the aforementioned schools, scientists are hopeful that other schools will follow their example.

Video Source:Upworthy