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Science Says We Need to Watch Our Back from Overly Polite People!


We all have that one friend or relative who’s just too overly polite. They’re always nice to us and give compliments on a daily basis it almost sounds too good to be true. Of course, our natural reaction is to love these people just because they’re so good to us. However, a recent scientific research says that trusting these people is wrong, as their politeness is actually too good to be true.

The Shocking Research

Last December at the Association for Computational Linguistics annual conference in Beijing, scientists from all over the world conducted a study to see if overly polite people are actually polite or there are bad intentions behind the kind ‘façade’.

Each of the participants was designated a European country from the days before World War I in a game called ‘Diplomacy’. They were told to simply interact with each other and observed how they acted.

What They Found Was Shocking

In nearly 60% of the cases where the test subject was overly polite to another, they ended up backstabbing them later!Of course, the study’s observations came from an invented simulation, but the act has its roots in human nature. Think about it – how do people betray others? Are they rude to them or they ‘kill’ them with kindness?

It’s the latter – whenever someone wants to screw you over, they will act all polite and kind until you feel the knife in your back. The politeness is actually a form of manipulation they use in order to gain something from others, no matter the cost.

Stay Away from Overly Polite People

The scientists learned that the betrayal often came after a sudden change in the conversational tone. The suspects were acting all kind and polite to each other until they became friends.

Then, all of a sudden, one of them changed the tone and betrayed the other, just like betrayal often happens in real life. If you have a friend who’s not really into you and they’re kind and polite all of a sudden, you should know that they probably have wicked intentions on their mind.

If this comes from a friend or close family member, the warning sign will be enough to help you realize you might be betrayed. If, however, the over-politeness comes from new people, it’s much harder to know if you’re going to end up with a knife in your back. So, do the right thing and don’t trust these people too much, unless you want to get hurt.