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Start Doing These 7 Positive Things in Your Relationships and You’ll Be A Much Happier Person


From the moment we enter this world, we start forming many relationships. The first ones are with our parents and siblings, then later we form relationships with relatives, colleagues, friends, and partners. Everyone wants to have healthy and happy relationships as we all want to feel appreciated for who we are.

However, as we grow, we realize that relationships are pretty complex. Some can be intimate and friendly, but others can be harmful and hateful. The good news is that there are many positive things you can start doing in your relationships in order to improve them.

Here are 7 such habits:

Accept People as They Come

In most cases, we can’t change people, and anyway, it’s rude to try. Save yourself from this unnecessary challenge by accepting people as they are. Just give them your support and you’ll be an example to follow. In this way, your relationships will be much better.

Give People You Don’t Know A Chance

It’s pretty hard not to be judgmental in a society where judging has become a pretty common thing. But, remember – anyone has their own story to tell. It may be happy, sad or typical – whatever it is, you shouldn’t judge people and you should give everyone a chance without criticizing them.

Be Yourself

In a society where everyone wears masks all the time, be your true self. There’s no need to act differently than your true nature – this will only make you hurt people you love. If someone jokes at your expense for trying to be different, you make a joke about them trying to be like everyone else. Remember, conformity is a weakness of character. You can’t and shouldn’t try to impress everyone – you only need to impress those who love you, and you’ll do that by being yourself.

Recognize Your Real Friends

Fake friends are everywhere these days. Not all your friends are ‘real’ friends – some will be with you in good and bad, while others won’t show up in your time of need. You can recognize true friends by seeing if they stand by your side in bad times – these are the relationships you should nurture.

Keep Your Promises

Promises mean nothing to people these days, regardless of their sacred nature. If you give your word to someone, you should keep it – that’s what makes us good people. Be mindful of the promises you can keep, and don’t promise anything you can’t deliver – it’s the only way to be human in this sad world.

Leave Petty Arguments to The Side

There’s no point in arguing over petty stuff – you must remember that you’re not always right and others aren’t wrong all of the time. There are many roads to being right, but most of the time, it doesn’t really matter who’s right or wrong that much.

Let Go of Those Already Gone

As soon as you notice that you’ve lost a friend, it’s not worth chasing them till the end of the world. You need to learn how to let go of those that are already gone and recognize your true friends. If someone’s left your life, there’s probably a reason why they’re gone. Let people walk when they decide to walk away – it will open up a spot for someone truly special.

Give What You Want to Receive

You can’t expect positive things in return if you’re not willing to give. If you want to feel loved, you need to give love. If you want friends, be friendly. Learn how to give and receive and you’ll be a much happier person.