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Swearing A Lot and Taking Heat for It? Don’t Worry – Science Says You Are Actually Smarter Than Most People!


When you’re hearing someone swearing, it doesn’t exactly sound polite, right? People who curse a lot are considered rude and cursing in general is considered a bad thing. That was until science interfered recently – according to a new research, the more a person curses, the smarter they actually are!

The study was conducted at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts by psychologists Timothy and Kristin Jay. The research was trying to determine if cursing is just as bad as society thinks and the results were pretty surprising – according to it, people who swear a lot are more fluent in neutral and mundane words which means their vocabulary is much wider than the vocabulary of most people.

The voluminous taboo lexicon, as the research read, is a sign of stronger verbal abilities, and not a lack thereof. As it seems, we’ve been wrong about swearing the whole time.

As Kristin and Timothy Jay wrote in the study, the use of such liberal and nuanced distinctions is indicative of the presence of significant linguistic knowledge. The interesting study caused a stir in the scientific community, with the opinion of experts being divided.

He research inspired another study where scientists found out that going to bed late is a sign of intelligent people. The study examined the sleeping habits of kids with different IQ and those with the highest (125) went to bed later than midnight, as opposed to the kids with an IQ of around 75.

Also, a study from the University of Minnesota revealed that the later you go to bed, the more you swear, and the more chaotic you are, actually means that you’re pretty intelligent. As the study explained, a chaotic environment produces fresh insight into things as it breaks tradition. On the other hand, organized environments don’t leave much to the imagination as they tend to play it safe.

So, if your mom or anyone else scalds you for swearing, staying up late, and not doing your room, you can just cite these research papers and blame your intelligence. We’re sure they won’t see you in such a bad light anymore.