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Take A Look At The Close Encounter Of A Wild Brown Bear With This Man!


Alaska is filled with mountains, but one of the most famous is the Aleutian Range which contains an abundance of glaciers and alpine lakes. That’s where McNeil River is. It passes where Lower Cook Inlet is and is the home of many animals from the wildlife, among which brown bears, too.

There are also red foxes, bald eagles, salmon, arctic ground squirrels and harbor seals, as well as moose, sea ducks, sea birds, wolverine, caribou, waterfowl and wolves.

This complete river area was designed to be a wildlife sanctuary by the Alaska State Legislature 50 years ago because it is full of different wildlife. The whole area was made bigger in 1993 because it was supposed to protect the greatest concentration of brown bears in the whole world.

In this area, you can see bear cubs who take a nap, you can nurse them, watch them or do anything!  Still, you can’t walk in whenever you want to as the access is limited. Only several people are allowed to every year. They can also take photographs.

A special permit is necessary to see those wild bears. There is a specific lottery system which is used to draw names. 13 visitors can enter every day. They can do 4-day in the period between June 7 and August 25.

Here, we’re going to present you a video by Drew Hamilton, who is a tech worker at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game at the Sanctuary. He had encountered a big brown bear closely!  The presence of Hamilton did not disturb the bear even though it came out of the blue!

The bear used the riverbank to walk there and Mr. Hamilton used his camera to record everything.He used his camping chair to relax. Suddenly, the bear appeared and sat there quietly. It seemed to enjoy the breeze as well as the amazing scenery.

Take a look at the interesting video by Mr. Hamilton: