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The 5 Best Tips Against Anxiety And Stress!


One thing that almost everyone suffers from today is stress. Our complete life is stressful, including our workplace. With stress, anxiety follows. We start feeling under constant pressure all the time.

If we know how to relieve this kind of stress and also decrease the anxiety, we’ll be much happier and healthier. There are people who exercise and find their relief there, but there are also people who don’t have any time for any kind of exercise.

Today, we’ve decided to present you the best and most efficient tips that will help you decrease anxiety and fight stress instantly!

1. Exercises With Deep Breathing

It’s probably the most common thing that everyone recommends. It is really helpful as in several minutes, your anxiety will disappear! When you breath from the diaphragm, your blood becomes oxygenated and that is something that relaxes you within minutes. You’ll feel relaxed and calm. One of the most famous exercises is when you breath and exhale in the same number. For example, breath in counting to 4. Then, breath out counting to 4, too. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. In time, you can increase the number up to 8.

2. Relax By Lying On The Floor

In case you’re out in town, this won’t seem as the right thing to do, but it really helps. You feel like you’re well-grounded and your complete body is stretched out. Be aware about yourself. Focus on parts of your body individually and you’ll see that the anxiety along with the stress will be gone soon.

3. Calm Down By Focusing On Only One Object

This is done by just looking at one object that you chose. It will decrease your blood pressure, improve the breathing and the stress will disappear in several minutes! Focus on its shape, the color and everything about that object. Your attention will shift sides, going from stress to something much more peaceful. Don’t forget to have equal breathing so that you’ll relax the body completely as well as the mind.  

4. Listening To Music

Many people already do this as it relaxes them. You can do it with headphones in your ears and without, but you can also play some musical instrument in case you know how to.

Music increases the levels of dopamine. You’ll regain concentration and you start to relax. Combining it with the previous tips we’ve already mentioned offers a guaranteed peace of mind and body!

5. Remember To Smile All The Time!

This may seem odd to you. Sometimes, you just can’t smile as you feel sad or unhappy, but researches show that this actually decreases stress very fast. Smiling releases serotonin which calms you down and that in turn, decreases stress. Smile always!  

We mustn’t let anxiety to fill our life. Whenever you feel stressed, try to do any of these tips and you’ll see that you’ll change your mind and your bod. You’ll also be more self-aware. Now, it’s very easy to fight anxiety!