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The Simple Yet Harsh Truth Is That If a Man Doesn’t Pursue You He Might Just Not Be Into You


There are people who think that men are those who should always come near a woman in case they want to be involved with her romantically.

This is probably because of the surrounding belief that women don’t pursue men, but it’s vice versa. Still, we know that today there are also women who pursue men and it’s nothing strange. But, there is also a belief that if a man wants a woman, he will do anything to have her. In today’s article, we’re going to discuss this more.

Men will usually accept the fact that a woman is interested in them, but it won’t be as serious as when they are interested in a woman. A man will also question himself if there is a woman who is better for him than the one who tried to go after him. Every man wants to feel that the interest belongs to him. He has a biological need that makes him feel like he is the one pursuing you.

What happens if you’re more into him?

Will his feelings or attitude change? Even if you show him that he’s very important to you, will he accept that?Unfortunately, there is a harsh truth which says that every man who wants to be with a woman and is interested in her would do anything he can just to be with her or in other words, he would chase her. If he doesn’t show even the slightest sign that he feels something about you, he’s not interested. No matter how harsh this may sound, it’s true.

You will be the only person that could stop that pursuing. No matter the obstacle or person that might appear to do something bad about your relationship, a man that is into you will never let anything bad to happen or try to harm your relationship.

The brain of a woman and the brain of a man are very different.

A man who just realized that he is interested in someone or something won’t show fear or shyness in order to get that. There are also men who are a bit tight in the beginning, but they will eventually come out of their shell and you’ll know that they want to be with you.

When a man wants to have a romantic relationship with a woman he will think of it as a challenge. He would want to have the control as well as show the most energy. He will do anything just to win her heart.

There were times in history when mean were responsible for the entire family, so in order to feed them, they hunted their food. It’s probably the real reason why men feel excitement when they chase after someone or something. You’ve probably seen beautiful women on a Saturday night surrounded by men trying to chat or just buy them a drink. This is something inside male mentality. Men act like they’re hunting. Nothing and no one can do anything to prevent them catching the prey they really want.

The brain of a woman functions in a different way. They think about everything for several times. For example, if they’re attracted to someone, they’ll think of it all the time until they reach a reasonable conclusion.

Men will go after a woman as long as they think they have a chance. They will even try and make sure that everything is going OK as long as they’re interested.

On the other hand, women should try and do something about themselves, too.

A woman who will notice that a man is pursuing her should also do something in case she’s also interested in him. She should show him that she’s interested whenever he tries to contact her, but not be too responsive. In case a man feels like his woman of interest isn’t showing too much, he will definitely stop his pursue. When a man is being rejected, he becomes really sensitive.

Still, men are more prone to rejection than women. If you’re a woman and a man of your interest is pursuing you, try to be open to him. Show him a greater response and you’ll see amazing results.

A man who loves a woman won’t find anything to do difficult, even if it means that they have to live on a distance. On the other hand, if he isn’t into you and you live close, he won’t do anything for you.

Try to consider every fact that you have with the person you’re interested in: they have to show you, call you, text you and try in any other way. Otherwise, you should understand that they aren’t interested in you or anything you do. In case you don’t notice any of these signs, maybe you should give up and try to find someone who will be happy to have you. You’ll be happier, too!