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These 10 Tips Will Show You What To Do To Avoid Taking Things Too Personally


You’ve probably seen or even experienced how cruel people can be towards you whether it is with actions or thoughts. They use negative energy and spread it, but what you have to do is protect yourself and try to live a peaceful life that will calm you down and let you enjoy every moment.

1. The Problem Is With The Other Person, Not With You

People often don’t understand that they have a problem with themselves and not with other people. They just spread their negativity around and make everyone feel bad, when the problem is just inside them. They’re experiencing some problems within them and no one knows about them. Try to remember this the following time you see someone unhappy, dark or negative.

2. Try Not To Focus On That For A Long Time

The real power comes from thinking and not from what people tell you. They just spread negative things which can do great damage to the mind.  

3. Be The Real You

You need to stay true to yourself. Do everything that you want without thinking what someone might say. The opinion you have for you is the most important. There will be people who aren’t in accordance with how you live or what you do, but that is their way of dealing with things after all.

4. Don’t Be Concerned With The Thoughts Other People Have For You

It was even known centuries ago. If you care for what other people think about you, you don’t live for yourself, but for them. You need to know and understand that it doesn’t interest you. They are only negative and nothing else.

5. You Consume Your Own Energy And Time, But Is It Worth It?

By thinking about what other people will say, our energy and time are wasted. We have to do something else. We have to think of the people who love us and are positive to us and not to the ones who spread negativity. They are the most valuable of all.

6. What People Have In Their Hearts Is What They Offer To Others

This is our real purpose. We all have to give something to other people. Happy people offer happiness, peace, joy, while unhappy people can only offer dark and negative things. Think about that.

7. The Person Is More Important Than His/Her Behavior  

We know that people who are negative can only offer negative thoughts and darkness. Nothing else. If you’re a person who is more positive, try to give that to them. Offer them love. Show them that you understand their pain. Avoid fighting and arguing because in that way, you’ll only invite negativity between you and nothing will be resolved in a good way.

8. No Matter What You Do Goes From The Heart

Try to remain positive even if someone only offers you negativity and bad thoughts. If you allow negativity be a part of your life, it will be like you’re beginning to become dark day after day. Try to keep your heart pure and without hate.  

9. The Most Important Thing Is To Know How To Forgive

Only people who have love in their hearts can forgive. The ones who are afraid and full of negativity only know how to condemn. Many people think that offering forgiveness is a sign of weak people, but it is actually quite the opposite. People who are strong know how to forgive. It is purifying for the heart and mind and clears out any negative things. When you do this, your heart becomes open to more love and care, so you’re being respected and loved as a person.

10. The Highest Thing You Should Strive To Reach Is To Have A Calm Mind

Anything that only offers bad life, negative thoughts and unhappy people should be avoided. You should only strive towards happiness, joy as well as content life that will allow you to be calm and peaceful. It’s the most important thing to feel inner peace. Only strive for people, thoughts and actions that offer you calmness and you’ll be the happiest person alive!