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These 15 Traits Will Help You Make A Guy Love You!


Love is the driving force of our life. In order to love someone, you first need to love yourself and then allow someone else to come into your life and be a part of your present and future. This means that you’re letting their values, interests and everything else be a part of you, too. But be careful! You must never give up on yourself!

We know that it can be really difficult to fall in love or make someone love us. That is why, today, we’ve decided to present every woman these amazing 15 ways that can help them make any man love them! He will be mad about you very fast! Take a look at them and act quickly!

1. Don’t Be Fake! Be The Original!

We are all aware that there are people who fake through life. They feel some kind of difficulty and pain, so they decide to hide behind different masks. But, this can get difficult in time. Imagine the disappointment that someone will experience when they find out that you’re a fake person! No one will show you respect anymore! Never pretend to be someone else. Be your own self! An original!

2. You Have To Look Flawless

Try to always take out what’s best of you! Focus on every single one of your features. Everyone has their own beauty. Try not to change things. Just do your best!

3. Know How To Listen Carefully

You need to be able to communicate, listen and pay attention well. If you learn how to do this, you might be able to avoid arguing and solve different problems.

4. Laugh!

Being a positive person who knows how to laugh is really good for men. Laughing is known to be something that attracts men. They just feel so good!

5. Be Positive And Open

Negative people aren’t the type that you or someone else would like in their company. Try to be more open and positive. That is what attracts men, as we have mentioned previously. Positive energy is something that draws people.

6. Being Kind Is Also Very Important

Every man likes having a woman next to him that is nice, kind and sweet. Try not to be a mean person.

7. Flirting Isn’t Bad

How would anyone know if you like him if you don’t show him? Everyone wants a little flirting! Give your man a compliment, be nice, show him that you like him! I He’ll feel warm and wanted. Every man is attracted by a girl that he knows is already attracted to him. It will also make your intimacy great!

8. Don’t Be The Same As Everyone Else!

Try to be someone who is different! Know how to be unique and every guy will want to be your partner.

9. Challenge Him!

Sometimes, it’s good to make a challenge for him. Try to think of your own views. It isn’t bad if you sometimes have some debates. You don’t have like everything he likes.

10. Know When To Be The One That Wants A Physical Contact First

Every man wants a passionate woman that will want to kiss him or hug him first. Try not to be very shy. Be close to your man and be prepared to show you want a physical contact first.

11. Make Him Feel-Free

Try not to be boring. Try not to want and be with him every minute of the day. Every man needs to have freedom. In this way, he’ll learn to respect you more and want to be with you more.

12. He Should Be The One To Contact You

It isn’t wrong if you dial his number just to hear his voice or ask about something, but every man wants to know that the first move is his. He’ll feel full of self-esteem and love you more!

13. Look Him In The Eye

This is the most important thing. If you also include a smile, he’ll feel like the luckiest man alive!

14. Don’t Make That Relationship Everything To You

You need to learn how to relax. Find a hobby! Do something for yourself! Don’t show your man that you’re the one trying for your relationship and you’re a desperate person. You need to work on it together and grow it together.

15. Your Man Needs To trust You!

Everyone has a secret, even the strongest guys. If a guy knows that he can trust you, he’ll definitely want to show his things that make him insecure and he’ll love you instantly.

It’s very important to show every positive side of you. That’s the best way to make a man and everyone else fall in love with you! Just be your own self and be kind! You’ll notice the benefits soon!