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These 5 Reasons Will Tell You Why It’s Good To Stay Single Until You Discover The One Worth Your Time


We’ve seen or maybe experienced that many people are better off being single than being in a relationship which makes them stress and tired all the time.

But, there are also many people who think it’s very important to have a relationship, no matter what kind it is, as long as you are not single.

The greatest part of people want to share their life with a partner. No one wants to be sad, isolated, angry all the time. On the other hand, there are also people in relationships who feel this way. In today’s article, we’re going to present you 5 reasons why you should stay single until the moment you find someone who will be lucky to have you!

1. Every Weakness And Every Strength You Own Will Be Gladly Accepted

We’ve all probably been witnesses of relationships which cease to exist because the flaws one person has aren’t accepted by the other. Unfortunately, no one is perfect. Flaws are present in each and every one of us. It’s very important to be with a person who understands our weaknesses and accepts them. They want to accept us, no matter what they are.

2. It’s A Kind Of A Relationship That Looks Like It’s Going To Last

Every relationship functions greatly when there is mutual chemistry. This is also very important because it makes the relationship last longer. Even if you have to wait for the person you’re with, if your chemistry is mutual, your relationship will last.

There are also relationships where one of the partners does everything so that the other partner accepts them. They literally force their chemistry which is rather impossible. You just end up being in a relationship which is without joy, fruits and exhausts you. It will definitely  end with someone being hurt. This isn’t something anyone would like to experience.

3. The Downsides Of Being A Part Of A Relationship

Being in a relationship has its pros, but it also has downsides. Does your relationship has more pros than cons? It depends on both of you. If you’re a person who learned how to live an individualistic life, it will be very difficult as well as challenging to become a part of a relationship. Being individualistic also means that you’re going to be lonely at some point. You just need to understand that as soon as you decide that it’s important to be in a relationship where you’ll be committed and respected, your way of life with all of the unlimited freedom will experience some changes.

4. More And More People Are Being Single

Nowadays, everything is possible and legal: there are women presidents, there are gay marriages etc. Researches show that women mostly marry around the age of 27 while men marry around 29. Getting hitched before 30 is now lower than ever.

There is also a study from the University of Utah who discovered that people who marry between 28 and 32 aren’t very likely to divorce than the ones who marry before 28.  

5. Sometimes, It’s Worth To Wait For The Perfect Thing

Bd things in relationships happen all the time. You constantly hear about married couples who’ve divorced after a while and many unhappy couples. People go through rough periods after these relationships. Many of them even think that they’ll never find another person that will come and stay in their life. But, things happen when you least expect them to. You’ll find someone who will accept all your flaws and he/she will be happy to have you. You just have to believe and understand that waiting for the perfect thing is worth for all the wait!