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These 8 Signs Will Show You If The Man Next To You Is A Complete Gentleman!


Different kind of men attract different kind of women. There are women who desire to have a sensitive and quiet man next to them, but some of them, like their man to be funny. There are even women who like muscular guys, but some like them lean.

One thing common for every woman is a man that will be loyal to them all the time.

1. Your Man Wants Emotional Intimacy

“Men only want sex” is one thing that all women hear while they’re young. But, this isn’t true for every man.

If you have a person next to you who tries to make you laugh, discover everything about you, asks you about your day at work, then he’s the one for you!

Not everyone will do that! Many will skip this part of the relationship. Still, there is a type of men who wants to have a deeper relationship that he’ll be completely included in and that’s the type you would like to have next to you.

2. Everything About You Is Interesting For Him.

No matter if you talk about something that isn’t of his interest. He won’t run away from you. He’s willing to talk to you and listen to you no matter what. He’s interested in discovering you and everything that connects you.

3. All Of His Friends Are Aware Of You.

His friends are aware of you and know a lot about you. He mentions you almost every time.

He just wants to tell everyone about you and he’s so proud to have you next to him.

4. There Are No Secrets From His Side.

This man will never keep anything from you. It’s important for him that you know him and understand him on ever level.

None of his phones or social network accounts are hidden from you, because he’s certain that there is nothing he should keep from you.

5. Being The Only Woman He Has Is Important And He Wants You To Know It.

Even though this kind of man will tell you if he finds a woman attractive, he’ll never look at her the same way as you. It’s important for him to tell you that you’re the only woman he’s interested in and he’ll always show it to you.

6. You’re The Most Important Thing For Him.

Your man will always be with you first and then anyone else. You’re the most important person for him. If he has to decide something very important, you’re the one that he’s going to ask. Your opinion is what counts.

7. No Matter If e\sHe’s The Busiest Person In The World! He’ll Always Text You Or Talk To You.

No matter what he has to do, you’re always going to be his priority.

He’ll even ask you how you are! That’s the man you should always consider the one for you. You’re always glad when there’s someone who thinks of you and cares for you.

8. You’re Equal To Him In Every Way.

The man that values your relationship will know that it isn’t important if you’re a woman and he’s a man. He’ll treat you equal. He’ll help you with the dishes, cook you the best meal and won’t mind about anything!

This is going to be the thing he enjoys most, so don’t think about this kind of a guy twice! He’s the real one for you!