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These Are The 10 Real Signs of High IQ


Most people think that high IQ is actually being technically skilled or knowing a few languages. Yes, both can be a sign of higher intelligence, but they can also be faked. High intelligence actually manifests through a variety of surprising signs. Below you can see the 8 most common ones, although the list is much, much longer. How many of them do you possess?

You’re Always Staying Up Late

Were you aware of the fact that smart people always tend to stay up late? Studies have shown that night owls possess a higher intelligence than others, so don’t worry if you sleep through the day – many geniuses in the past did.

You Question Everything

People with a high IQ usually spend a lot of their time thinking about stuff and overanalyzing. In fact, they might question things they really shouldn’t. This can be a blessing and a curse at the same time but is definitely a sign of higher intelligence.

You Have A Great Sense of Humor

Humor keeps our brain in shape, so it makes sense that having a great sense of humor is a sign of high IQ. If you crack jokes all the time and laugh at good jokes others tell, it’s a sign that you’re more intelligent than the rest.

You’re Curious

Intelligent people are always stuffing their nose where they should and shouldn’t. They want to learn about things others don’t and their curiosity peaks whenever they see something new.

You’re Empathetic

People with a high IQ are much more empathetic than others. They have deeper feelings which can be a bad and good thing at the same time. Still, if you really empathize with others, you aren’t weak – you’re actually smarter than the rest.

You Learn from Mistakes

Smart people never wallow in the mud about mistakes they’ve made. They actually learn from them and see them as a learning curve. They eventually use this knowledge to grow and develop their persona and be a better human being.

You Pick Your Words

Highly intelligent people will never rush into an argument. They carefully choose their words before they speak and have genuine answers to any answer. This helps them stay ahead of the pack and makes them, well, smarter than the rest.

You Don’t Care About What Others Think About You

People with a high IQ don’t really care about what others think about them. They often do things without caring for the judgment of others, which makes them bold and successful.

You Have Thick Skin

Intelligent people have a really thick skin. Even if you insult them, they won’t flinch. They won’t be brought down by nasty comments no matter how hard you try, which can only be a good thing.

You Procrastinate

Putting things off at the last minute? Don’t worry, there’s nothing bad in it. Psychological studies have shown that procrastinators are not lazy – they are wired that way because of their high intelligence. Even when they rush to finish something after putting it off for weeks, they will still deliver a successful product.