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These Are The 10 Scientifically Proven Tips To Make You A Happier Person!


If you make your mind happy, you’ll also be happy. Everyone has in them their own happiness. Some just have it more than others.

In today’s article, we’re going to present you some scientifically proven ways that will create a happier person of you!

1. You’ll Be Completely Happy If You Meditate.

It is extremely important to meditate. People who use meditation feel very happy with themselves. They are also very satisfied with themselves and they are calm. If you do it regularly, you’ll certainly manage to increase your own level of happiness.

A particular study managed to prove that meditation also increases your brain regions connected to compassion and self-awareness.

2. In Case You’re A Commuter, Make A Shorter Route.

Commuting can be really tiring. Whether you’re driving or going by train, the tube etc., you’re certainly going through a various type of hell with each day. You become negative all the time and you don’t have the will to do anything. In case you have to commute because of work, maybe you should think of moving closer to it or just try to find a new workplace that will be closer to your home.

3. Be A Generous Person

It’s not about you all the time. The world doesn’t turn around you. It has been proven that the people who are very generous are usually extremely happy. Try to make someone happy every day. You’ll notice the benefits for your happiness very soon!

4. Do Something For You Only! Buy Time!

It was recently discovered that you’ll be happier if you spend your money on buying time than buying some things.

Doing this often, will certainly offer you greater happiness and satisfaction. It doesn’t matter how much money you earn every month. It just matters that you spend your funds to buy some more free time!

5. Sleep Well!

This is something very important and we probably know it.

Good sleep makes us think better and remember better. When we’re under sleep deprivation, our hippocampus is the most affected. It processes neutral or positive memories. Lacking sleep causes a feeling of grumpiness all the time.  

6. 30 Seconds Are Needed For You To Help Someone And Be Happier!

Just take a good look around you. How many people could use your help? It may be giving a hand about something or just offering an advice. It has been proven that you only need 30 seconds of your time to help someone, so that your brain becomes filled with feel-good chemicals. You’ve supplied yourself with happiness instantly!  

7. Gratitude Is Extremely Powerful.

It has been scientifically proven that people who practice gratitude actively are always happier than the ones who don’t do that. You’ll be depressed less, sleep better and exercise better. It has also been proven that exercise is one of the things that make you a happier person.

8. Adversity Is Important. Learn How To Embrace It.

Different scientific studies managed to prove that adversity does make a change in people’s life and makes them happier. It is a thing that helps us to reinforce and shape our identity, face stressful moments now and in the future better, become more resilient as well as more optimistic about the unknown future. Don’t be afraid of any obstacle in life. Just go through it!

9. You Have To Understand The Constitution Of Happiness.

Science proves that 2 things compose happiness: the feeling of greatness every day as well as the satisfaction in your own life.

As life goes by, we can adapt to anything in order to make ourselves happier. 50% of our happiness is genetically determined. Our circumstances determine 10% of it while 40% of it becomes under control of our thoughts, behaviors and actions. So, stop what you’re doing and think about your happiness!

10. You Deserve To Be Happy!

You have to do everything you can in order to be a happier person. Effort and time are really necessary. It isn’t important to be rich or smile all the time. You also shouldn’t avoid any trouble that comes your way. If you’re content, you’ll be happy and satisfied.

Everyone deserves to be happy, so why don’t you try and do everything in your power to acquire that right?