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These Are The 12 Stages Of The Being “Best Friends” Friendship


You know how being friends with someone feels. You’re always there for them and they are for you. Everything you think or feel is valued by them. You know everything about yourself, but there are things that you can say to them which aren’t very nice, like criticizing them or arguing with them.

There are people who are casual friends, but friendships can also be close. There are no boundaries in these friendships and here, we’re going to discuss about them.

These are the 12 stages that will tell you if your friendship is real!

Stage 1: Being Nice To Each Other

In this period, you compliment each other all the time. Everything you do is important, so you’re careful about every thought or saying.

Stage 2: Is It Strange If You Want To Be With Them More Often?

You’re probably wondering about any message or phone call and whether you’re boring. You also wonder if it is strange to them.

Stage 3: You Can Be Who You Are

You don’t feel strange nor worry if you want to contact them all the time. You can even be very boring.

Stage 4: Resembling A ‘couple’

It may sound weird, but you are certainly closer to your best friend than to your girlfriend/boyfriend. You even go out together all the time and feel more free with them.

Stage 5: Being Honest

At this period, you’re free to tell your best friend anything. You don’t choose words because you know that they won’t be furious with you.

Stage 6: Even If You Have A Psycho Side, You Can Show It To Your Best Friend

We can all be a little crazy sometimes, but you don’t have to be afraid when you’re close to your friend. You can do or say anything in front of her/him and they won’t feel like you’re a psycho!

Stage 7: Being Angry At Each Other Isn’t Weird

None of your emotions is being controlled. The anger appears whenever you feel like it. You can argue all the time and still be best friends after a while.

Stage 8: Planning Everything Together

This literally means everything! Your friend may want to drink that night, but you won’t say anything! You will drink, too! You’ll even motivate them to do it!

Stage 9: Being Private Detectives Is Normal

No matter what you want to find out, your friend will do it for you! Then, you know that they’re never going to tell that to anyone.

Stage 10: Having A Bad Habit Is OK

Your best friends is like your other half, so you don’t feel embarrassed to fart or burp in front of them. You know that you can do or tell anything to your best friend.

Stage 11: Messages Or Screenshots Are Your Thing

Your friend can see anything, no matter it’s a screenshot or a message of what your boyfriend/girlfriend told you. They might as well help you.

Stage 12: You Can Even Type From Their Phone.

This is the last phase. You’re so free to each other that you can take their phone and type anything to anyone. Sometimes, it might be your parents or your girlfriend/boyfriend. Nothing between you is secret. Your best friend knows everything about you and vice versa. You’re bound to have a friendship without any boundaries!