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These Are The 5 Most Common Personality Traits Of People Who Wear Black! What Does It Say About You?


Whenever we see someone wearing black, the first thing we thing about is that it is too dark, but yet it looks mysterious, too. It’s a color that can be combined with any other color and still look great.

But, did you know that colors have a different effect on our minds and our reactions towards them can discover our personality?

Many experts claim that black is a color that people who are reliable, confident and serious wear. It was even confirmed by a study from Buytshirtsonline, a supplier based in the U.K. that includes greater corporations like American Apparel, Gildan and Fruit of the Loom. The study included 1.000 people.

Researchers wanted to discover how the colors of our clothes make us see people. Black was the color on top. It was worn on different occasions: when you wanted to look your best, when you wanted to look sexy, intelligent, confident etc. There were also arrogant people who wore it. Both, male and female, find it attractive and beautiful and they chose it over numerous different colors.

Why Was That So?

The results of the study showed that both sexes claimed that this color made people feel self-sufficient and more confident. At the same time, it was a calming color.

Unfortunately, there are people who wear black because their character is really vulnerable. They are a little unstable and really sensitive. Through the color, they want to make people see them more about their achievements and not their appearance.

They have really strong emotions and want to defend themselves. These people are often seen to overreact and can get distracted easily. They sometimes have problems with staying focused and also have problems to reject anxiety.  

These people don’t have a problem if other people wear colorful clothes. They want to wear black. Other people can wear what they want to. They see people as they are through their colors.

Color psychology is a branch of psychology that looks into this problem and it claims that people who are all about black want to become powerful again.

They express various behaviors: they become distant from people, they want to reject some emotions and also want to gain respect. The message they send through wearing black is sent to other people, but also themselves.

These are also people who want others to see them as important. They also think that others perceive them as more intelligent. They are also seen as really determined people.

Here are the most common personality characteristics people who wear black have:

1. Confidence is their true virtue.

2. They also feel everything and are known to be quite sensitive.

3. They won’t tolerate authority and are rebellious.

4. These people want others to see them as influential and powerful.

5. They will do everything they can in order to protect their personality from other people and don’t like being too close with other people.

Black is a color that most teenagers wear mostly because go from one period to another and that is from childhood to their adulthood. They start with a phase that is completely different then their previous one. They also want to protect themselves from everything. Still, becoming adults should make them wear different colors, too. If they continue wearing black, they might have a problem.

Colors can tell us many things about people. Still, if you’re one of those who like wearing black, make sure it’s not too much, because it can make you feel really depressed. You will become all negative to other people. Try to make it brighter by including another color or accessory! Cheer yourself and others around you up!