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These Are the 5 stages of Love – Here’s Why Most Couples Are Stuck at Stage 3


Ah, love – it makes the world go round. If you’ve ever been in love, you know that the beginning is the most interesting part. It’s like a breath of fresh air pumped into your life, giving you wings to fly and the motivation to do anything you can imagine. Love has inspired artists to create great works of art, gifting humanity a wide range of great books, movies, and poems – it’s really that powerful.

When you enter a relationship, there are five stages of love you need to pass before you become a real couple. Unfortunately, most couples don’t pass them all and are stuck at stage 3. The first one is obvious – it’s the stage of excitement and the beginning of a new adventure. Everything is new and exciting in the beginning, so this stage isn’t a problem at all. However, once reality kicks in and you get to know your partner on a deeper level, problems might emerge. If you can get past stage three, you’re already on your way of reaching the final level and calling yourself a couple.

Here are the 5 stages of love and why most couples are stuck on level 3:

Stage 1: Passion and Excitement

Meeting someone new is the reason for the butterflies in your stomach and the fluttering in your chest whenever you see them. Even though the dating stage doesn’t include a deep physical connection, every kiss and touch is full of passion and excitement. You’ll be checking the phone every minute to see if he’s thinking of you and impatiently waiting to see him tonight again. It’s just so wonderful!

The beginning of a relationship is an exciting game full of twists and turns that will help you learn more about yourself and your new partner. You enjoy the time spent with your new partner and don’t want it to end.

Stage 2: Getting Serious

The second stage begins right after the first and includes settling down after the initial excitement. During this stage, you’re officially a couple and committed to each other. The sex is a bit less exciting than it was during the first stage – it’s on its way to becoming routine, although it is more meaningful.

Other routines also emerge. You’re comfortable around each other and let your guard often while still learning about your habits. At the same time, life responsibilities kick back into the fold, making this stage of love really important for your future together.

Stage 3: The Breaking Point

As we mentioned earlier, stage 3 is where most couples get stuck. This is the stage where life takes a hold of things. It starts getting in the way of romance and commitment, making you go crazy while you’re wondering where things went wrong.

When was the last time you just Netflix and chilled? Seems ages ago, doesn’t it? It will be ages before you can do it again. Due to life getting in the way, every tiny annoyance now seems big, leading to quarrels and a whole load of problems. If you can keep your composure and get through this stage, you’re home free.

Stage 4: A Real Couple

If you’ve managed to overcome stage 3, congratulations – you’re on your way to becoming a real couple! At stage 4, you’ll see who both of you really are – you’re probably not the people you were two stages ago due to a change in career, children or other major life events. At this stage, you don’t expect too much out of your partner and you know how to communicate with each other. You will find new methods for moving forward and learn how to accept each other’s flaws.

Stage 5: Moving Forward

In the final stage of love, you’re at peace with each other. You know each other’s pros and cons and fully accept them because no one is perfect. Interestingly, this is also the stage where most couples decide to rediscover what makes them love each other. Maybe there are hidden passions you both share that will add a layer of excitement and rekindle the romantic flame between you. It’s a whole new world of possibilities.