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These Are The 7 Promises You Should Create And Keep For A Better You


Making promises is important, but do you know that keeping them is equally important? People make different kind of promises: not to smoke anymore, lose some weight, go out more etc., but these aren’t very serious to many people, so they just seem to break them. Still, making promises towards other people isn’t as important as making promises towards you as a person.

Here, we’re presenting you 7 of the most simple promises that you should make towards you, but also try to keep them.

1. Whenever I’m Under Stress, I Will Pay Attention To The Signs Sent By The Mind And Body.

Great fatigue, stress or pain are usually signs that you have to start relaxing. There are numerous illnesses that you can prevent like anxiety and cardiovascular problems.

In case you start feeling a lot of pressure, try to stop for 20 minutes and go for a walk, do an exercise or just meditate. This will offer you amazing benefits and your life will change completely.

2. Having A Smile On Your Face Is The Most Important Thing.

This will definitely help you gain more self-confidence, decrease the stress, improve your energy etc. According to some studies, people who smile even if they aren’t happy, feel better and in a great mood than people who don’t smile at that time.

People will also look at you differently. Smiles generate illumination as well as positive energy. Everything will be better if you just smile!

3. Living Positively Is Very Important.

You need to make this promise to yourself. Try to think otherwise, leave the zone comfortable to you, discover your hidden talents etc.

People have made many of the inventions we can see these days since they decided to think otherwise and saw that they could do more.

4. The Past Stays In The Past, But The Lesson Remains With Us.

Try to learn something from each bad experience in your past. Never bring your past with you. Try to discover what you want to do with yourself and try not to repeat any of the mistakes you made.

5. Live Your Own Life.

There are people who think that they should live life according to what other people tell them. But, you’ll never be truly happy if you don’t do anything for yourself. You have to be happy living your own life because of you and not because of other people.

6. Every Relationship Comes And Goes.

You have to accept the fact that anyone can let you down, no matter if they are your friends, partners or family. You must realize that everything that has ended needs to be let go. Everything has an end.

Accept it as a part of your life that will be a valuable lesson to you.

7. Every Change Needs To Be Accepted.

Sometimes you need to make a change. Every single one of the promises we mentioned will help you in a positive way. Try to accept challenges that are new and end relationships which are toxic.

Another thing you can do is to write a promise journal as a reminder. Every promise should be very important to you. If you start forgetting the promises, read some of those in your journal and carry on!