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These Are the Major Differences Between Soulmates and Partners


Many people think partners and soulmates are one and the same when they’re clearly not. Your life partner is a companion you can trust and depend on, while a soulmate is a special kind of person who will enrich your life and push you to the next level. Both have huge differences, and a partner is not automatically a soulmate. A soulmate is someone who can touch your life in many ways, and although a partner can do the same, there are many differences between these two characters.

Here are a few key differences between soulmates and life partners:

Soulmates Can Teach You Important Life Reasons

A soulmate doesn’t have to be your life partner – it can be a family member, friend or lover. These people are full of life lessons that they can pass to you. Once they teach you an important lesson, they usually disappear, leaving you with a broken heart.

On the other hand. life partners have similar interests in life. They are the cheerleader in your relationship and your pillar of support. They form a deep bond with you and will never leave your side when you’re facing problems. Partners are in it for the long run which makes them pretty different than soulmates.

The Soul Connection Is Different

A relationship with a soulmate is often intense as they connect with you with heart and consciousness. They are all about ego and turmoil, and these relationships usually result in a broken heart. Soulmates have karmic lessons to pass on and they leave when their mission is done. Soulmates are a life-changing experience – their whole mission is to shake you up, tear your ego and break your heart open so new light can get into it.

Unlike soulmates, life partners come at a moment of love and acceptance and enter your life with similar stories. They will stay with you regardless of the challenges which is what makes them different than soulmates.

Difference in Attraction

Meeting a soulmate feels like you’ve known them forever. You understand each other and think the same. You’ve had a similar life which helps you connect. It can be said that we are magnetically attracted to soulmates. Even though these relationships end in heartbreak and chaos, they are life-changing experiences.

A life partner will most likely enter your life with a different background, and this difference is what connects you both on an emotional level. You learn different things from each other and feel safe in their presence. This will eventually turn into friendship and a better love and understanding of each other’s wants and needs.

Soulmates Know You Intuitively

Due to the deep connection between you and a soulmate, they know your deepest fears and desires. They don’t need words to express their ideas – they’ve been where you are and know how you feel.

Partners, on the other hand, are attracted to you physically and learn your values your whole life. This relationship is based on intellectual and logical stimulation unlike the relationship with a soulmate, which is an emotional rollercoaster.

The Timing Of Meeting Them Is Different

Unlike partners who come at a time of need, soulmates come at a specific time of your life when you need closure. These relationships are truly special – the energy they create is incredible and the bond goes much deeper than a relationship.

Relationships with a partner begin without work and continue growing every day. No past or future events can influence it – it lives in the moment. These relationships are healthier than a relationship with a soulmate as both sides are trying to live as one.

A soulmate can be your partner and lover and a relationship with a partner can become a deep soul connection. The key difference between life partners and soulmates is that one is a choice and the other isn’t. There’s no better or worse relationship – each person that you live with creates a special bond with you through which you can learn a lot about life.