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These Habits Are Making You Much Older Than You Really Are


Although aging is a natural process that can’t be stopped, sometimes we have only ourselves to blame for looking older than we really are. Certain habits we all have are accelerating the aging process and causing wrinkles and other signs of aging on our face and body. Recognizing these habits on time will stop the deterioration of your body and help you feel and look young again.

Some of the most common factors for accelerated aging are environmental factors, physical inactivity or lack of sleep. Of course, there are many habits that accelerate the aging process as well, and we have compiled a list of the most common ones below.


Smoking is bad for your whole body, not just your lungs. It harms your health in many ways and also makes you age faster. It is so damaging for our health, that even years after you quit, it will still be hard to erase its effects. Although there’s no secret remedy that can keep us young forever, we can at least give up cigarettes – it will make us look younger and reduce the risk of serious ailments as well.

Too Much Coffee

Surprised? Don’t be. Caffeine is great for our health when used in moderation. Drink too much coffee and caffeinated drinks, however, and you will feel and see the harsh effects. Too much caffeine can dehydrate your skin and make it look old. So, limit your caffeine consumption if you want to look young and make sure to drink plenty of water every day as well.

Too Much Alcohol

Should we even mention this? Drinking a lot of alcohol often will dehydrate your body and skin and make you look older. Alcohol can also seriously damage your liver and raise the risk of premature death, so limit your consumption to one drink per day or don’t drink it at all.

Processed Meat Products

There’s been a number of studies recently showing the harsh effects of processed and red meat on our health. Besides increasing the risk of several ailments, processed meat products are also making us age faster, and no one wants that, right? The nitrates and nitrites added to these products are known carcinogens that have been associated with pancreatic and other types of cancer, so why eat these products at all?

Not Paying Attention to Your Blood Pressure

Keeping your blood pressure in check is of vital importance for your health. Most young people are not concerned with their blood pressure, and when it starts to matter, it’s often already too late to do anything. Another problem with not keeping your blood pressure in check is that it makes you look far older than you really are. So, get your blood pressure checked at a doctor and take the appropriate steps to keep it in control.

Not Maintaining Your Weight

Studies have shown that people who have managed to lose weight and maintain it afterward have been able to improve their longevity. Overweight people who lost 2.2 lbs. increased their longevity by a few months, and their lifespan extended as they lost more. Sure, it won’t make you immortal, but adding even a few months to your lifespan is a success of its own. Plus, maintaining your weight will also preserve your youthful experience.

High Cholesterol Levels

Paying more attention to your cholesterol levels is highly important for your health even when you’re young. If your cholesterol levels stay high for a prolonged period you will be looking at a seriously increased risk of heart disease and even death, not to mention that you’ll surely look older. So, get your cholesterol checked and do anything you can to keep the levels in order.


Last but not the least, stress is one of the main factors for accelerated aging. It’s a silent killer which can seriously harm your health and make you look far older than you are, more than anything else on the list. It can be hard to put stress under control, but it’s not impossible. Either find a hobby you enjoy or try yoga and meditation to look young once more and preserve your health.