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These Signs Show You That You’re In A Toxic Relationship


Emotional relationships are a part of our life. We’ve all been in one. We also know that they can be happy, but they can also make us sad in case things aren’t going as good as they should. When a relationship in which we are makes us unhappy and we can see that it isn’t going anywhere, we should definitely end it. Sometimes, there may be signs which can help us see that the relationship we’re in is toxic, but sometimes there are no signs at all.

Today, we’re going to discover you some of the most obvious signs that will show you when it’s time to get out of that toxic relationship and go on through life alone!

9. Fighting all the time has become your everyday routine

We all fight during a relationship. But, there are relationship that are full of fighting. These partners have been so used to fighting which even escalates in physical fights and becomes intolerable. This is only a sign of disrespect and tremendous pain and it points towards a very dangerous relationship that is filled with negative energy all the time.  

Even some of the people you hang out with have started to avoid you since you fight all the time even when they’re around. If this happens a lot during your relationship, then maybe it’s time to get out of it!

8. The person you’re with feels like a complete stranger

The most valuable thing in every relationship is to communicate with each other in the best possible way. When you understand with your partner, everything is OK. But, in case you’ve started receiving strange feelings from your relationship e.g. you’ve stopped sharing important things with your partner, you don’t know if your future has them in the picture or they simply don’t understand you, maybe you should think about your relationship before continuing like that further. It may be a sign that your communication is at the lowest level possible.  

7. You don’t want to contact with your partner

Being happy with your partner means that you want to be with them all the time an share everything with them. But, in case you somehow don’t want to spend quality time with your partner or you feel like you just waste time when you’re with them, maybe you just have to give up of that relationship. You’re probably not happy with the way some things are going. You’re maybe better off alone.

6. Trusting your partner has become really difficult

Building your trust is very important while you’re in a relationship. In case you’ve found yourself wondering about your partner or checking their messages and every social media profile, it might be the biggest sign that you don’t trust them. In case you feel like being with your partner has become a great burden for you, then maybe it’s time to stop the relationship since it will definitely become unhealthy.

5. Intimate moments are very rare

Just like you should have emotions in a relationship, you also should have good physical contact. It is a normal thing, but when relationships are long, it can be really difficult to maintain. Even sex or an ordinary kiss has become something that you do without passion. If this is your case, it means you’re your relationship lacks happiness between partners and you need to stop it.

4. Only one of you tries to make the relationship work

Two are needed for every relationship to work well. You need to be careful with your partner and make sure the relationship works well all the time. But, if you started feeling like only one of you is trying and it’s become really difficult to try for both of you, then it’s maybe time to give up and stop that relationship.

3. You feel like your relationship has become the hardest thing in your life

All of us want to have a happy relationship. Then, everything is going well and smooth. But, if you’ve started feeling bad vibes about your relationship and you feel like it’s maybe full of bad things, then it’s time to think about it. Maybe you should give up because it has just become too much for both of you.

2. One of you complains all the time

No matter what you do, you’re out with somebody and you’re trying to have fun, you keep complaining all the time. Whether it’s your partner all the bad things in your relationship, you keep making other people feel negative. Maybe it’s time you start thinking about moving out of that relationship and feeling happier.

1. Fantasies are a big part of your life

This happens to you all the time, not only when you’re having too much free time. Your fantasies also include going somewhere without your partner or worse, you imagine someone else with you. When fantasies have taken over a great part of your life, then it maybe is real time to realize that you should maybe get out of that relationship and find your happiness elsewhere.