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These Signs Will Tell You That Your Partner Loves You Without a Doubt


Is there a better feeling than falling in love? It’s truly an experience like no other and can change your outlook on life in an instant. Love is one of the most positive things in life and according to relationship experts such as Stuart Fensterheim, unconditional love is so freeing and transformative that it can transform you in a better person with a more positive outlook on life.

But, do you know how to love unconditionally or if your partner loves you that way? The human mind is always curious to know more even if everything’s going nicely. Most people are dying to know if their partners love them unconditionally, and fortunately, there are more than a few signs which can indicate it.

Here are the key signs that show your partner loves you beyond doubt:

They Want to Grow Old with You

If your partner is excited by the idea of growing old with you, you can rest assured they love you unconditionally. According to relationship expert Patrick Banks, as time flows by, this feeling only gets stronger. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together – if you’re planning on growing old with your partner, the bond between you is stronger than anything in the world.

They’re Proud of You

A partner who loves you unconditionally will always be proud of the person you are and your achievements as well. Dr. Terri Orbuch from the Oakland University says that people love feeling appreciated and special – it makes them feel happy and motivates them to work on their relationship and reinforce it. So, if your partner truly loves you, they will tell you that they’re proud of you all the time, no matter how small or big the achievement is.

They Can Keep a Secret

A partner who loves you unconditionally will never run their mouth if you told them a secret. They value trust highly and know how important keeping secrets is. If you tell them embarrassing things no one else knows about you, you can be sure they’re safe with them and that they love you more than anything else in the world.

Chivalry Isn’t Dead

Who says that chivalry’s dead? It’s really not – well, not for most people. A partner who loves you beyond the shadow of a doubt will act as a true gentleman, which is certainly nice to see nowadays. They’ll hold the door for you, pull a chair out at a restaurant and never let you take heavy bags from the market home.

Kiss and Make Up

A perfect relationship doesn’t exist. You’re bound to have disagreements with your partner over small or big things once in a while. The key is not to let things fester. If you and your partner are open to resolving arguments without a heated discussion, you can be sure they love you more than anything else.

They Let Their Guard Down in Your Presence

A partner who loves you more than they love themselves will never hide their own feelings in front of you. They will always strip their emotions down in your presence as you are their safe haven and beacon of light. They’re going to tell you their deepest fears and emotions because they trust and love you with all their heart.

Being in love is a wonderful experience, but being loved unconditionally is even better. Unconditional love is the purest form of love you can experience. If your partner exhibits any of the aforementioned signs, you’re luckier than most.