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These Simple Tips Will Help You Calm the Storm in Your Mind


Do you often overanalyze things and allow your brain to run amok without stopping? An uncontrolled brain is like a child – it can go for miles with only seconds of rest before it jumps and goes again. If this happens to you quite often, you need to learn how to quiet your mind before madness sets in.

The good news is that there are many simple techniques which can calm down your mind. As humans, we’re quite adaptable and can learn new habits easily. We can ‘rewire’ our brains in order to stop the chaos and regain harmony and balance. It may sound difficult and it will be in the beginning, but once you learn things, you’ll regain control of your mind once more and lead a happier life.

Here are 4 techniques that can calm your racing mind down:


We all knew meditation would end up somewhere on this list. For years, medical and meditation experts have considered meditation the best way to calm our brain’s storm and achieve harmony and balance. Although it’s not quite like turning your brain off, meditation does slow down the flow of thoughts that occupy your brain all the time and helps you cope with daily challenges better.

If you want to calm your mind down, meditate for at least 10 minutes every day. Over time, it will turn into a habit and eventually make you a calmer and happier person.

Repeat Peaceful Words

This is the simplest technique that can quiet your mind. What are you thinking of right now? It’s probably the amount of work you’ll have to do today or you’re stressing over what someone said earlier. There’s just so negativity in the world nowadays that it’s almost impossible to block it all out. Fortunately, you can counter the effects of stress and negativity simply by repeating peaceful words throughout the day.

Try repeating words of places which calm you down or simply go with tranquility, calm, serenity, peace, light, love or relax. You can repeat anything that works for you. Practice this every day to turn it into a habit that will quiet your mind and help you relax.

Reconnect with Nature

If you want to leave the negativity behind and really calm your mind down, your best bet is taking a break from the city. Wait for the weekend, pack lightly, enter your car and just leave the city. Go to the beach or a mountain – any place without wi-fi should be enough to calm your racing mind down and help you get rid of the negative thoughts that bombard your brain.

Focus on the Positives

In the past few decades, we’ve all allowed negativity to take over our minds. We rarely focus on the positive side of things anymore, instead choosing to focus on all the negativity around us. That’s exactly what’s making us overanalyze stuff and open the door to madness. Fortunately, shifting our mindset to positive thoughts, you’ll become much more positive and happier as well.

Create some awareness behind your thoughts and you can achieve peace. Focusing on the positive will train your mind to be happy and has a positive impact on your well-being as well.