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This Camera Caught The Rarest White Giraffes Ever! The First Time History Has Recorded!


The interesting sight was caught on camera in Kenya. This is the very first time this has happened.

The video shows the stunning image of a mother giraffe with her child which have a very rare genetic condition called Leucism. It doesn’t allow them to have pigmentation. The giraffes are a part of the Ishaqbini Hirola Conservancy.

First, some local people noticed the rare sighting and started talking, but there wasn’t an evidence. A few months later, the staff decided to film the rare white giraffe together with her little baby.

They can’t have a pigment with colors like many other animals, but they don’t have any genetic problems. They are just like any ordinary giraffe. Unfortunately, their lack of color can attract some predators or other attention that is highly unwanted. Hyenas and lions are especially after them.

The Giraffe Conservation Foundation claims that more than one half of all of the giraffes only live up to be 6 months old.

Some of the viewers have already spread great concern about the rare giraffes, claiming that the video by the Hirola Conservation Program only becomes a subject of attraction to poachers and that is also a great danger.

The Tarangire National Park also had a white giraffe born there, but they took all precautions and the giraffe is now safe from any danger similar to poachers while it isn’t yet known that Hirola has done anything for the giraffes’ security.

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Source:Nat Geo WILD