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This Is A Lesson That No School Will Teach You! It’s OK To Cry!


We all feel pain sometimes. It’s a composite part of our life, it doesn’t matter if it is physical or emotional. Still, we can all make a choice about the pain we experience, which way it will go, whether it will make us collapse or grow etc.

We’ll only be safe and without any pain if we’re comfortable with something. Sometimes, the most important thing about us that will make us feel better and stronger is feeling pain as it makes us step of the comfort zone and think out of the box. It sometimes means that we need to use great force to make ourselves do that.

Even if life doesn’t treat you well and you feel pain all the time, so you think that it’s actually hell, you mustn’t stop! Many people will just escape, but remember this and don’t do it as it will haunt you.

If we want to be stronger, we have to learn how to succeed in beating this hell and go through it.

Everything similar to this is actually the inner pain we experience. No matter how hard it seems, we just run from ourselves.

But, if we learn how to walk away between it and never be scared, we’ll feel better and what’s the most important, stronger.  

Today, we’re presenting you an interesting video between an apprentice and his instructor. The child starts being afraid because he might feel great pain if he punches through the given pallet. Tears roll down the boy’s cheek and he looks very vulnerable.

But, his instructor is extremely wise and teaches him that it’s very important to go through every emotion, even though it scares us or makes us cry. We must never run away from them! Instead, we have to learn how to accept them!

Take a look at this amazing video! It’s something that everyone needs to see!