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This Is An Extremely Dangerous Kind Of Mental Manipulation! It’s Called “Gaslighting” And It’s Really Common!


All of us are dealing with some kind of mental abuse. This happens every day and some of us aren’t even aware of it.  

The only thing visible after a while are the self-esteem that is rocked, the decreased self-worth as well as the self-doubt.

Even the best people become manipulated sometimes. Today, we’re going to discuss about a kind of manipulation so specific that we can notice being present every day.

The Origin

“Gaslighting” is a term which originated in 1938 and appeared in a play by the name “Gas Light”. In this play, a man wanted to make sure that his wife and everyone they know think that she is insane in a subtle changing of the area where they live and work.

Whenever the woman wanted to say something about noticing a change, her husband said that she was insane and that there were no changes at all. The woman soon starts to convince herself that this was true and that she was insane indeed. The process resembles a gas lamp with its dimming light.  

What We Perceive Is What Is Real To Us

Throughout the play, the man could change the perception his wife had on what was real to her. She started doubting everything real for her. This is indeed mental abuse, but many people aren’t even aware of it. One person controls another. You’ve certainly seen it happen. It is everywhere!

It is also present in marketing and advertising. Advertisements claim that different products will improve the way you live. You start doubting your real life and want to make it better, so you reach out the nearest store and buy the product. This is also some kind of gaslighting, even though it’s mild. You doubt your true self and everything you stand for.

Gaslighting is also present in numerous romantic relationships. Women are especially unaware that this kind of mental abuse is happening to them.

In case you know this kind of a person, you need to help her understand that they are good, emancipated and strong and that they do not need this kind of people in their life. What the person who is gaslighting will do is try to make their partner feel unworthy, plain and dull. This isn’t true.

We are all important in this world. We are all beautiful individuals who shine when their time has come, so don’t be afraid to stand for what you truly are and what you truly want to do. You’re amazing! No one can dim your light by telling you or convincing you otherwise!

You need to believe this and you mustn’t forget it! You are a strong individual who shouldn’t tolerate any kind of abuse! You have to be strong! You don’t need manipulators in your life! Gaslighting is equally dangerous as any other kind of manipulation.

If you have someone doing this to you only makes them show that you’re better than them in any kind of way! So, remember this whenever you notice it in your relationship or someone you know! You really matter!