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This Is What It’s Really Like To Love A Girl Who’s Used To Being Alone


Although everyone around them means they’re weird, there is a reason why some girls don’t let many people in their heart. You’ll never see these girls in a crowd or dating just about anyone, and no matter how strange it looks, they actually do it for a good reason.

The reason why some girls push others away and only let a selected few in their life is that they’re afraid of being hurt. They’re also afraid of being left alone, and that happens too often in the dishonest society we live in. These girls find it hard to be comfortable around just anyone – they’ll rather build high walls around them and sit alone in the darkness. If you allow yourself to be pushed away, you weren’t worth it in the first place. Stick around, though, and they’ll eventually let you in, where a wonderful and loving person awaits.

Here are a few other reasons why these girls push people away:

They’ve Been Hurt Before

The biggest reason why some girls find it hard to believe others and let them inside their thick walls is that they’ve been hurt before. They’re used to being alone just because they don’t want to be hurt again or be left alone abruptly. If you put some effort and show them that you care, however, you’ll see how beautiful they can be on the inside.

They Want to be Safe

The bubble these girls live in shields them from the outside world for a reason – they just want to feel safe. Their sense of security means the world to them and the bubble provides them the security they need. Being alone is the only way they know of protecting themselves from others and the bubble won’t burst easily.

If you really care about her, you should be there for her and show her that letting you inside is not a bad thing. Make her feel secure and be her safety net, and she’ll eventually realize that you’re worth it.

They’re Independent

Years of being alone and living in an impenetrable bubble have taught these girls how to be independent. They can do it all by themselves and don’t need anyone’s help until they do. This is where you step in. If you really care about her, you’ll show her that she doesn’t need to fight alone.

Of course, sharing things will be hard for her in the beginning, but she’ll learn it along the way. Let her be independent, but help her when she needs help. She’ll appreciate it even if she doesn’t show it, and the change will do wonders for her.

She Offers Unmatched Love

These girls love with an unmatched passion. If she lets you inside her soul, you can be sure that she means the world of you. Sure, it will take time to navigate the maze of walls she’s built, but if you care for her, you’ll find a way. Over time, she’ll open up to the idea and start showing her love. When that happens, you’ll be on seventh heaven.

In the beginning, cutting down her safety net will be pretty hard. Once you succeed, though, you’ll find the love you’ve always been dreaming of.