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This Kid’s Story Is A Reminder That We Shouldn’t Give Up on Our Dreams!


We all have some kind of dream we’re working to achieve and it’s important not to let anyone stand in our way. We need to fight for our dreams no matter the odds and this little ballerina understands it better than most adults.

It’s not uncommon to see children wanting to be athletes or ballerinas. Most sports, however, require having a precise physique and body weight so you can compete. That doesn’t mean overweight people should give up – in fact, if you want something so bad, you have the power to do everything to achieve it. Remember – nothing is impossible if you set your mind on it. This little girl’s dream was to be a ballerina and she decided to lose weight in order to be one.

The kid has immense support from her grandmother, which is crucial to her goals. Most people just don’t have the support they really need in order to lose weight and chase their dreams, but that’s not a problem this kid has. When she started going to ballerina classes, she experienced many difficulties.

The first one was the biggest – seeing the thin kids doing all the moves she couldn’t and mocking her for her weight. Instead of being disappointed, however, the kid didn’t let her guard down and decided to use the hate to fuel.

On the road to glory, she’s supported by her grandmother and thanks to her undying spirit, we think that it won’t be long before we see her in grand national competitions. Way to go, girl!