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This Sister Waits for Her Brother After School Every Day Just to Hug Him and We’re Loving It!


Brothers and sisters share an unbreakable bond, no matter how often they seem to argue. These kids, however, have no idea what quarrels are. The little girl is waiting for her brother to come off the school bus every day and hug him. He’s her favorite person and their videos have warmed the hearts of millions of people around the world.

Their mom says that she’s a fairly tolerable mother who doesn’t mind spoiling her children up to a degree. She doesn’t force them to eat vegetables, doesn’t limit their TV time as long as they stick to some rules and read books. However, some things easily enrage her, with not listening being the top of the list. The mom doesn’t like whining as well, but when her children fight, it makes her go mad.

The fights are always about petty stuff, like whose turn it is on the tablet or who’s got the bigger piece of cake. I think that she speaks for us all when she says that fighting over these things is maddening. It can make you wonder what you’re doing wrong in parenting and the fact that your kids just don’t like each other sometimes makes things much worse.

However, the fact that the girl greets her brother with a hug when he comes off the school bus every day makes things better. As a parent, this is what we can all hope for – respect between the children and a sign that they’ve learned to forget and forgive.

Check out the adorable video below: