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Throw Away These Pieces of Emotional Baggage If You Want to Live a Normal Life


Emotional baggage is just like a suitcase – the heavier it is, the harder time you’ll have moving it around. We all have some kind of emotional baggage we either carry with us or leave behind on our way to something better. Some luggage can be worn our whole life, but some should be left behind unless you want your soul to be scarred.

Every past experience, good or bad, is a lesson we learn from. Bad and good experiences both shape us into what we are today. Once you learn a lesson from a heavy emotional baggage, you should leave it behind and move on. Of course, you should focus on the positives only and learn how to enjoy life again. Remember – you have no luggage dragging you back, which means your future is brighter and lighter.

As we already said, not every piece of emotional baggage should bend our backs.

Here are a few types you should leave behind as soon as you can:

You’re Not Your Family

As is to be expected, our family is literally our world while we’re growing. Anything that happens in our home has the potential to shape us into the person we are – hopefully, you’ve had a happy childhood. The truth is that most people didn’t laugh that often, which makes them go to a bad place when they’re older.

Those who have had a happy childhood can recall that part of their life with good nostalgia, but those that weren’t so lucky have it much worse. Coming from a dysfunctional family can cause many problems for a child, but you can snap out of it and make your life happier by remembering that your family isn’t you.

Whatever your parents (or other family members) did to you, you shouldn’t let it affect you. Yes, it will be hard to just forget the awful experiences, but excluding these people from your life can help you live happily once again. When your childhood problems start affecting your own family, it’s time to drop that emotional baggage and create a healthy relationship with your partner and children.

Forget the Exes

Relationships are an intense thing and can seriously scar your soul, especially if they end badly. A bad breakup can significantly impact your future relationships, so in this case, you need to drop the emotional luggage and move on.

Remember – your new partner is not your ex. If you’re having problems learning how to trust again, talk openly to your partner and tell them to be patient. This will help you see if they’re worth it and hopefully erase your deep fears of trust and other relationship issues. It may take a bit of work to mend your wounds, but once you let go of this emotional baggage, you’ll be a completely new and happier person.

Don’t Live in the Past

Living in the past won’t bring anything good. No matter how painful they are, past experiences should stay buried. You can’t change the past or the future – you can only live in this moment. Leaving something in the past can be hard and make you feel guilty, so if you need any help, talk to your partner or even a professional.

This kind of emotional baggage or guilt for doing something bad in the past can destroy your wellbeing, so don’t let it happen to you. Whatever happened – happened. It’s already ancient history, and you are not the person you were before. Focus on living in the moment and everything should be all right.

Emotions are possibly one of the hardest things to control. However, letting them overrun you is even worse. Living means accumulating some kind of emotional baggage on our backs – don’t fool yourself that others don’t carry it. You just don’t have to drag it around with you – once you learn how to let go of it, you’ll feel much better.