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Two Little Children Kissing And Laughing Is The Ultimate Cuteness Overload!


Remembering the first kiss is something everyone goes back to gladly. No one would probably forget it as then you mostly feel scared, but also happy and shy. This moment is really pure and it’s actually when we first have an intimate contact with some other human.

We hold hands in an intimate way and touch our lips.

Many people cherish this memory as one of their purest and happiest moments in life. Did you know that this memory can have a great impact on your character?

Experiencing the first kiss with someone means that we approve of that person in a natural way. They accept us and love us even though we’re silly. We accepted because of our true self.

It’s something amazing, that has to be kept as a real treasure all the time.

You feel the first love and you know that you can offer love. It’s an experience that unites you with someone in a spiritual way, but it’s also a play for you.

Children know how to offer love to everyone and spread it. They live with it. They think of everything as a kind of play.

In our video, we’re presenting you a situation between two children who share their true spirit and kiss between each other! Kids live in this state of love and play all the time. The video you are about to see expresses exactly this state.

This video also presents their vulnerable, playful, friendly and honest spirit they have. We are grown up and we constantly live in some kind of fear. Children aren’t like that.

The video shows two adorable children kissing and laughing at the very same time. Their souls are so pure. They enjoy life and its beauty at the moment.

Take a look at it! Cuteness overload!

Source:Engineer Joshi