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Video Showing The Special Bond Between A Baby Elephant And Its Mother!


Today’s article is presenting you an elephant video that the former Program Director at Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia called Leslie A. Temanson posted on Facebook. It shows a mother elephant along with her baby which is sleeping. The mother elephant checks on the baby while it’s sleeping. It’s a really cute moment!

Related female elephants create close knit groups called herds. Their family ties are really unique and deep. The oldest of the group is the leader. It is also the largest female known under the name of  matriarch.
From 8 to 100 elephants can be a part of one herd. It mostly depends on the size of their family as well as where they live. When there is a baby elephant in one herd, the whole herd protects it.

The elephants which are male don’t form herds. They live alone or along with some other male elephant from 12 to 15 years of age.
The memory of elephants can be of several years and they are classified as a part of the most intelligent animals. Several emotions can also be noticed in them: grief, anger, joy and excitement.  

According to some scientific studies, elephants are animals that can use frequency sounds that are very low as a part of their communication. The pitches they use can’t be heard by humans.
The name of these sounds of very low frequency is “infrasounds”. They have the ability to pass several miles and serve as a part of a communication between elephants that is “private”. Their social life is known to be complicated, so this kind of communication makes it easier.

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Source:Caters Clips